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Table Saw vs Circular Saw | Which One Is Best For Your Workshop In 2020?

So, you are planning to handle a much-desired project by yourself. You are ready to invest in the power tool needed for the job. When it comes to power tools, a variety of options are available. Among all, table saw and circular saw are the most essential in any woodworker’s toolkit.

However, the table saw vs circular saw – what you need in your workshop? Well, both of them are used for a range of applications. Here we will briefly discuss the basics, pros, and cons of both power tools.

Let’s face the battle of Table Saw vs Circular Saw.

Table Saw.

Table saw is a powerful tool. That has a circular blade and motor under the surface of a tabletop. The tabletop works as a support for the materials. Also, the blade stays out from the surface of the table through a slit.

You need to push the material towards the table saw blade to cut any materials. The table saw is best for making crosscuts, straight and rip cuts. There is some table saw that offers angled cutting.table saw vs circular saw

Table Saw Advantages.

  • Best for Rips and Crosscuts: Table saw can be your option when you need to make rips and crosscuts. Most power saw cannot do that.
  • Excellent Accuracy: Since the materials are placed on the table. So you’ll get a high level of precision. Also, the blades are too sharp, and its rip fence offers excellent accuracy.
  • Ease of Cleaning: In table saw, all the produced sawdust goes in the same direction. Most tables saw comes with a built-in dust collector to collect dust automatically. Thus, it is relatively easy to keep the workplace clean.
  • Easy to Maintain: Most parts of the table are easily accessible. It allows you to access each piece for maintenance if needed. This increases the lifetime, as well.


  • Table saw is relatively expensive than most power tools but a worthy investment.
  • Also, it is not portable due to heavyweight. So you need to bring the materials on the job site.

Circular Saw.

The circular saw is one of the versatile and handheld power tools. It has a circular blade with sharp teeth that rotates at high speed to cut workpieces. It would help if you moved the saw along the cutting line. The circular saw is driven by electricity or gasoline engine or a battery.

circular-saw (1)

Circular Saw Advantages.

  • Versatile: Circular saw can be used with different blades. That allows you to cut a variety of materials. It will enable you to make plenty of cutting options.
  • Excellent Finish: The blade used in the circular saw is too rigid and sharp. It offers superior finishes at the edge of the material.
  • Portability: Circular saw blades are lightweight and portable. You can take along with you from job sites to job sites. The mobility makes the tool a popular option.
  • Affordable Price: Along with versatility and mobility. The circular saw comes at an affordable price as well.

circular saw blade

  • Comparatively circular saw offers less accuracy in the cuts.
  • It also doesn’t include any sawdust collector, which makes it hard to clean the Jobsite.

Here are the tips. How to prevent circular saw kickback?

Want to buy a circular saw blade? Before visit this one. How to sharpen a circular saw blade?

Circular saw vs table saw which one is good?

When you need to cut a large piece of material, the table saw can be your go-to saw, also, for a variety of cuts with precision. The table saw is the best option. But, these are not good when you need mobility.

That’s where you need a circular saw. It is best for dealing with a verity of materials with ease and also with an excellent finish. Now you decide, table saw vs circular saw. What do you need in your workshop?


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