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Single vs Double Bevel Miter Saw Helping Hand To Choose 2020

Woodworking is a passion for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. They have to deal with different cuts in their projects, including beveled and precise angle cuts.

A bevel miter saw is a tool that lets them do whatever they want to. It is considered as one of the reliable, powerful, and popular saw due to its effectiveness.

Hence, manufacturers are bringing a wide array of options with increasing demands.

Choosing the right one can be overwhelming among all. Confusion arises when it is about single vs. double bevel miter saw.

It is quite challenging to understand the type of cut each does, especially when you are a beginner.

Your Question will be Single vs. Double Bevel Miter Saw; which one to buy? Right! The answer is simple.

The answer is Single Bevel for under budget. And Double Bevel for a higher account. 

Whether you are making a simple picture frame or cutting crown molding, understanding the differences between single and double bevel miter saw. Will take your job to the next level.

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Nonetheless, we will compare both single, and double bevel miter saw. To help you find out the best miter saw that suits your needs.

We’ll describe the pros and cons of both types. So that you can understand their effectiveness.

I hope, our article will help you decide. Which one you should add to your workshop for the next projects. Let’s get started!

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Single VS Double Bevel Miter Saw

What is Double Bevel Miter Saw?

Well, the name says it all. A double bevel miter saw is a type of miter saw. That make bevel cuts in both directions. You don’t have to touch the material. And also without flipping the workpiece.

It lets you cut in any direction. You can cut angles of all degrees without limitation.

This saw features a blade that spins with the base of the saw. And you can lower the head of your saw to create the cut you need.

Moreover, it can cut beveled edges. By spinning the base of the saw to make angled cuts.

In short, it’ll make your job easier with less wastage and frustration.’


What is good about the double bevel miter saw?

  • Makes Convenient Cuts: With a double bevel miter gauge, you can fast and convenient cuts. It’s a great option when you have to finish projects within a short time.
  • Works in both directions: The best about dual bevel sliding miter saw is that it works in both directions. You can make multiple cuts and repeat cuts using this tool.
  • No need to rearrange the workspace: It has the tilting nature on the head of the tool. It ensures that you don’t have to flip or reposition. The work-space to make matching bevel pieces.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Since it minimizes the hassle of repositioning. So you can get accurate and precise cuts every time.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Use: The double bevel miter saw has a corner both on its left and right. Which creates room for cuts. It makes the saw flexible and easy to use.

What is bad about double bevel miter saw?

What is Single Bevel Miter Saw?

A single bevel miter saw is an easy to carry power tool. That can do jobs similar to the double bevel miter saw. It consumes some extra time for this.

However, these tools have some pivoting function. To allow angled cuts either in the left or right direction. Also, it can make bevel cuts only in one direction.

Possibly this is the reason it is named as a single bevel miter saw.

Nevertheless, the single bevel sliding miter saw can make bevel and miter cuts accurately. You can also perform bevel cuts in both directions by just flipping the material.


What is good about the single bevel miter saw?

  • Cost-effective: Whereas most woodworking tools are costly. The single bevel miter saw is an affordable option. You can get a decent saw at $.
  • Best for all: Whether you are a newbie or a professional woodworker. It can be a handy tool for your job. With reliable power, you can do a variety of cuts.
  • Ease of use: since the tilt operates in one direction. Even beginners can figure out how to make bevel or other cuts. It is comparatively easy to use and carry as well into the job site.

What is bad about single bevel miter saw?

  • Quite complicated: One of the top deficiencies of these tools is. That you need to flip the material for making bevel cuts in both directions.
  • Relatively slower: You cannot use it for urgent projects since it cuts relatively slower.
  • Cannot handle long pieces: It is not an ideal option to use with long pieces.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Which one is best among single and double bevel miter saw?

A: Well, it depends. If you are dealing with larger pieces and your project requires. Bevel cuts in each direction, then you must consider double bevel miter saw.

Conversely, for smaller projects, the single bevel miter saw is best.

Q: What is the difference between the bevel and miter cuts?

A: Bevel cuts usually done by tilting the blade at any angle. Whereas miter cut is done through the angle of wood and the blade comes vertically here.

Q: Can I use a miter saw for cutting metal?

A: Yes, you can. With a quality blade, you can cut any metal.

Q: How many cuts can be done with a miter saw?

A: You can do straight, angular, bevel, crosscuts, and a combination of all of these cuts.

Q: How to select the right size of a miter saw?

A: If your workspace is larger than 2×6 inches, you just need a 12-inch saw. For anything less than this size, you can consider buying a 10-inch miter saw.

Watch This To Catch Overall Concept.

Do you want to know “Miter saw vs Circular saw”? Which one is best for you?
Final Words

Since you are going to invest in a tool for your most awaited projects or designs. It becomes our crucial responsibility to guide you to get the right tool.

Still, you should operate them accurately.

Hope, till now, you have got to know the differences of single vs double bevel miter saw. There is no doubt that they differ from one another massively.

Some upcoming topic we will discuss here.

  • Bevel cut.
  • Miter cut.
  • What is a bevel cut?
  • Miter vs bevel.
  • What is a miter cut?
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  • Beveled cut.
Some Uses & Application where you should know the difference between A miter cut & A bevel cut.

Miter cuts are in some common and daily household use like making the box. Picture frame as well as widow structure, door frame, etc.

Miter Cut

Bevel cuts have many uses in woodwork, fastening, and crafting. They’re typically created to melt a piece’s edge for functions of safety.

Aesthetics, connection items, making geometrical shapes. And increasing resistance to weathering.

They are used for trimming the bottom of a wall. For instance, to forestall inflicting injuries. It additionally offers items an additional synthetically pleasing look by activity.

The joints of 2 items with edges mounted along creating an angle. Mistreatment bevels, the 2 items square measure slightly overlapped and punctiliously joined creating.

It appears as if one piece of wood. Bevel cuts also are unremarkably utilized in fastening. They supply extra support on joints creating them sturdy enough to carry significant hundreds.

Image credit: Eagleamerica

Beveled cuts, which may be quite tough. To realize with preciseness mistreatment hand tools. A square measure sometimes created mistreatment power tools.

Some saw gauges square measure inaccurate thus to induce an ideal level. You’ll be able to use a drafting instrument to examine the blade angle.

To avoid kickbacks, set the fence in an exceeding method. That the blade tilts aloof from it, and, for safety. Ensure that the saw is unplugged once doing it.

Hopefully, we’re ready to straighten out the confusion and assist you. To have a clearer grasp of what a miter cut and a bevel cut is.

It’s in all probability terribly basic. However, the mistreatment of the correct cut is incredibly vital in achieving durability. And look at the project that you’re engaged in.

Keep in mind that totally different cuts have different functions. No matter however similar they will seem on the onset.

So, select one that matches your needs. And gets a precise and faster result in your upcoming projects.


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