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Porter Cable VS DeWalt A Perfect Comparison 2020

No doubt this awesome porter cable tools like porter cable drill, Dewalt max.

Porter-cable kit for your DIY projects if you would like to have higher quality work performance.

You might be used so many electric belt sanders, e.g., 20v max XR. 

Also, cable and Dewalt with a radial arm, but the Dewalt power tool changes your experience.

Without being a professional. It’s hard to keep up to date with power tools products.

If you are a newbie, you are dependent on the brand names. Not actually can define those power tools.

Today we are comparing two famous brands in the industry of power tools.

But if we think for Porter cable vs. Dewalt. It is hard to consider which one is the best. 

So now, we discuss some facts like quality, price, durability, fitting, etc. To make a comparison between porter cable vs DeWalt.

Let’s Compare Porter Cable vs Dewalt Combo Kits.

[amazon table=”2501″]

Suppose you are thinking of buying a power tool. Then I suggest buying a combo pack because it’s more economical.

It will save you time to buy another tool for your projects after some time.

For a combo package. Porter-cable Pcck619L8 or Dewalt DCK955X.


These two packages are the most popular.

Let’s see at a glance what are the best products these two brands offer us. I have written in detail in down below.

1. Porter-Cable Package Includes:

[amazon table=”3180″]


2. Dewalt Combo Package Includes:

[amazon table=”3183″]

Porter-Cable Versus Dewalt Hammer Drills.


Porter-Cable PCC601 ½ Inch Drill Driver:

One hand tool is entirely made by porter cable. A lightweight and natural control mechanism doesn’t disappoint you.

3.5 pounds of weight 8.25 inches long and made with a powerful motor. Deliver 283 units watts from a 20v lithium-ion battery.

It has an RPM of 350-1500 with a ½ inch keyless chuck.

[amazon box=”B00IQYN0U4″ template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


1. Lightweight.                                                      

2. Compact Design.

3. The battery has a long-running time.

4. Easy to operate.


 1. Has no belt hook for attachment.

Read Porter-Cable Impact Driver Full Review.

Dewalt DCD950 XRP ½ Inch Hammer Drill:

To buy a powerful hammer drill that can handle any task. It would help if you went to the Dewalt DCD950. 

This tool is so powerful better than porter-cable.

It has Three RPM capabilities 0-500, 0-1250, and 0-2000 RPM. 

This is a super easy hammer drill to use because of its 360-degree side handle.

[amazon box=”B07M9BTKPS” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


1. Powerful Motor.                                             

2. Self-tightening chuck. 2. Hard to make a grip on it.

3. Heavy duty.

4. Tree kinds of the speed range.

5. A side handle of 360 degrees.


1. It is not so handy.

The decision to buy:

After observing all the features. The winner is Dewalt DCD950. It offers more than a porter cable. 

Porter-Cable versus Dewalt Impact Driver:


Porter-Cable PCC641 Impact Driver:

Porter-Cable PCC641 uses a fine motor with high performance and delivers 1450 torque.

It offers two speeds of o-2800 RPM and 0-3100 RPM.

To make a fast installing and quick application, though, it’s a little bit heavier than Dewalt.

But it’s relatively compact to use in tight spaces. It has an LED to help in the dark.

[amazon box=”B00QQTOLWM” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


1. Higher torque.

2. High motor speeds.

3. Easily change.

4. Handy LED light included.

5. It designed to work on tight space.


1. It doesn’t come with a hand hook.

Dewalt DC825 ¼ Inch Impact Driver:

This Dewalt DC825 is not so powerful than Porter-Cable Impact Driver.

It can make 1330 lbs maximum torque, and building quality is more comfortable.

This is so light impact driver out there. The best thing it has anti grip features.

This frameless motor makes more durability with long tool life.

The Heavy-duty features reduce the kick-back chance.

[amazon box=”B002RT7K4Q” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


1. Frameless motor.

2. Heavy-duty impact motor.

3. Durable gearcase.

4. Lightweight design.

5. Anti-slip mechanism.


1. Motor running time is less.

Buying Guide:

I vote Porter-Cable PCC641 rather than Dewalt DC825. The only reason higher maximum torque.

Porter-Cable Versus Dewalt Circular Saw.


Porter-Cable PCC660 6-1’2 Inches Circular Saw:


For fast cutting, porter-cable builds a high-performance motor with 4000 RPM on this circular saw.

Also, a high durable carbide tooth blade. Which can up to 2-1/8 inches. But in this point of view, Dewalt DC390 has offered more power.

I think this is enough power to work on many woodworking projects. Of course, at a low price, this one is the best.

This is also a beveled circular saw with 0-50degree bend capacity. It is ideal for making non-traditional cuts.

This saw is so perfect for Jobsite.

[amazon box=”B01MTJB49I” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


1. Motor with high speed.

2. Compact design.

3. High durable carbide tooth blade.

4. Over-molded handle to make it comfortable.


1. You have to do struggle to cut thicker wood.

Dewalt DC390 6-1/2 Inches Circular Saw:


The central fact it gives a considerable cutting capacity. To increase cut up to 2-1/4 inches at 90 degrees.

And 1-5/8 inches at 45 degrees.

It provides 3700 RPM and still less than the Porter-Cable PCC660.

But still good for the money. And another facility, you can replace brushes to increase durability.

[amazon box=”B002VWK5RI” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


1. Maximum cut depth.

2. Can replace the brush.

3. Rubber grip can make it comfortable.

4. High strength.


1. Battery power is small.

Buying Guide for Circular saw:

Due to provides a larger cutting capacity. Also, lighter tools. I vote Dewalt DC390 rather than Porter-Cable PCC660.

How to sharpen circular saw blade. Read the full article.

Dewalt vs Porter Cable Reciprocating Saw.


Porter-Cable PCC670 Reciprocating Tiger Saw:


Due to having lightweight and compact this Porter-Cable PCC670 is on our list.

It delivers a stroke length of 1- inch. Also, a variable speed of 0-3000 SPM.

For minimal job site, it uses a tool to free the blade within no time.

A variable trigger controls the speed to make the user has perfect control over it.

An over-mold handle improves control to operate this.

[amazon box=”B00FQ8OGMY” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Compact design.
  2. Handy to use it.
  3. Variable trigger to make proper use.
  4. Over-mold makes comfort.


  1. The stroke is too small.

DeWalt DC385 Reciprocating Saw:


Reciprocating saw is used for a fast and deep cut. This DeWalt DC385 provides an aggressive cut with a length of 1-1/8 inches stroke.

It can go through any material. It comes with 0-3000 SPM as Porter cable model does. But it is 5.65 pounds much heavier.

It has an anti-slip rubber grip to hold the reciprocating saw perfectly.

To allow flush cutting DeWalt uses a 4-position blade clamp.

[amazon box=”B007NVSTCK” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Longer stroke length.
  2. 4-position blade clamp.
  3. Adjustable shoe.
  4. Anti-slip rubber grip.


  1. Much heavier.

Buying Guide:

In this battle winner is DeWalt DC385 for its longer stroke.

DeWalt vs Porter-Cable Jigsaw Compression.


Porter-Cable PCC650 Jigsaw:


If you are searching for a jigsaw which will do aggressive cut. And has enough power to handle all your projects.

Then Porter-Cable PCC650 will be a great choice for you. For the compression with DeWalt DC330, it has a small stroke.

But still long enough to make a variety of applications.

It can produce 0-45 degrees bevel cuts. It also uses a tool-free blade. Which can make a fast and easy changing of the blade.

This jigsaw would be a great choice for job site use. And over-molded trigger makes a great feeling and grip for using.

[amazon box=”B00FQ8OGQA” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Easy to change the blade.
  2. Easily adjustable and do setting.
  3. Integrated dust blower.
  4. Makes comfort due to over-molded.


  1. No LED by build-in.

DeWalt DC330 Jigsaw:

A speed range of 0-3000 SPM. This DeWalt DC330 can cut any building material.  It can straight and curved lines.

Due to having a lever-action blade clamp, it can change the blade so fast and easily.

4-position orbital action can make speed control and quality cut. Variable bevel cuts can make by it. Such as 0,15,30 and 45 degrees.

It has an anti-slip for making comfortable feeling.

[amazon box=”B07JPFHQKG” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Greater stroke.
  2. Length and speed.
  3. Anti-slip.
  4. Easy to make the quality cut.


  1. The holding mechanism needs improvement.
Buying Guide:

The battle winner is DeWalt DC330 for more bevel cuts and high speed also for stroke length.

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DeWalt VS Porter-Cable Angle Grinder:


Porter-Cable PCC761 Cut-Off Tool/Grinder:


It provides motor speed up to 8500 RPM. Which is better than DeWalt DC411 which has only 2000 RPM.

This high speed makes it a great tool for a verity application. This grinder is so useful metal gear when you need to work for a long time.

It dissipating heat. And for changing wheel has a spindle lock to allow quick change.

Guard adjustment for this tool also easy to control. Due to having an over-molded design, it’s easy to handle.

[amazon box=”B00FQ8OHBE” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. High speed and performance motor.
  2. It’s so handy.
  3. Durable cast.
  4. Easy to quickly change the wheel.
  5. Over-molded handle.
  6. So simple guard adjustment.


  1. Little heavier angle grinder.

DeWalt DC411 Cut-Off Tool/Grinder:


Who prefers to work on a project with a lightweight tool? Then this DeWalt DC411 is the ideal choice for you.

The trigger switch and lock-off button make it easy to control.

Its 2-position handle makes it easy to changing wheel quick and easy.

[amazon box=”B002VWK5SC” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. The trigger switch is so convenient.
  2. Too lightweight.
  3. The side handle is in a dual position.
  4. Smoother and Comfortable to use this.


  1. The battery is darning so fast.

Buying Guide for Angle Grinder:

If you consider high speed than Porter-Cable PCC671 is for you. But for considering lightweight I suggest the DeWalt DC411 cut-off tool.

Porter-Cable vs DeWalt Work Light.


Porter-Cable PCC700 LED Flash Light.

This light can produce 120 lumens which would be enough for you.

DeWalt work light can’t make this kind of lumens. Also due to lightweight, you can work with this for a long time.

[amazon box=”B0038SR5RM” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Pivoting Head Design.
  2. Minimize Hand Fatigue.
  3. Lightweight.
  4. Longer battery life.


  1. Less Bright Light.

DeWalt DW919 Flexible Floodlight.

This product comes with an elastic handle. So, you can put it or hanging it anywhere while working.

The light lumens also so bright.

[amazon box=”B000BANMXG” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Super bright Xenon bulb.
  2. Wide-angle.
  3. Handsfree use.
  4. It comes with a replacement bulb.


  1. The xenon bulb will get so hot within a few minutes.


I support to buy a combo kit. It’s a wise decision. A brand is not made overnight.

So, buying power tools from porter-cable vs. Dewalt. It will be more convenient.

We make a review of these two brands, which are in budget and durable.

My suggestion will go for Porter-cable PCCK619L8 And Dewalt DCK955X for combo kit.

These two models are so accessible from each brand.

Best of luck with your next project.

Porter-cable products features:


It’s been more than 100 years porter-cable is in this business line. So they exactly understand what a user is looking forward to in a power tool.

They added more new features to make their products more convenient for the customers.

  • Reasonable Price: The comparatively affordable selling prices.
  • That has been geared to create their electrical power gear additional appealing to ordinary prospective customers.
  • It is just one of the significant elements. Which place porter cable out of Dewalt as well as different renowned manufacturers.
  • Applying Design: Many porter cable power applications have been designed.
  • And, therefore, are lightweight to fit the requirements of their consumer.
  • That usually is a standard DIY, amateurs, or even house owner.
  • System of 20V power: A lineup of electrical power instruments.
  • That utilizes the 20V maximum lithium-ion batteries to get lengthier battery life and also operate.
  • This machine also enables you to use the same battery on distinct varieties of tools precisely.
  • More FAQ about this item: Many manufacturing out of porter cable and also DeWalt have been now outsourced.
  • With Meeting chiefly happening in Mexico and China. Still, it has to be noted that several ages back.DeWalt left quite a considerable phase to attract heaps of these meetings straight to the USA.
  • They are earning tens of 1000s of new American work by only launching seven new fabricating teams. Regarding assurance, Dewalt supplies a fairly regular 3-year guarantee on most of their hand-held applications about the flip side.
  • Whatever which fails or breaks as of fabricating default within 36 months will probably be amended or substituted.


Should You Purchase a DeWalt or Porter-Cable?


Just like we said previously, provided that it has to do with porter cable reviews and DeWalt titles.

It could be advisable to respect the older expression, “you will get exactly what you cover.”

Moreover, DeWalt is on the list of most useful. 

Thus if you’re receiving right into it for the lengthy-term and thinking about acquiring some severe abuse outside of these.

Then it’s very wise that you earn investment from proceeding with all the optimal/optimally quality out there.

[amazon box=”B00INRZ5VG” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]

Today if you require some instruments.

Round your home to dabble here and there to possess one convenient only if essential.

Afterward, all porter cable cordless drills review will, in all probability, suit only acceptable for the requirements.


Now you know the difference between Porter cable vs. Dewalt. 

So, what is your plan? Which one do you prefer personally?

The fact remains that it’s quite difficult to urge that a particular new overall as are the finest within their ways.

And also match completely distinct facets. But in the event, you inquire about me.

That needs to function as the person to purchase the interest of the high quality and lifestyle.

Without any question, we might like to urge DeWalt (https://www.dewalt.com/company-info/milestones).

But don’t forget, however great the item is quality, durability.

And also several critical facets are that which really set it.

Best-18V-Impact-Driver, Porter Cable VS DeWalt
Image Credit: Protool review

Strength tools in DeWalt are all manufactured with all the most useful of the optimal/optimal quality. Substances with astounding lasting capacity, and consequently ensuring surplus guarantee.

Currently, if you are attempting to mend any commodity or furniture on the home. You’ll find not anything wrong with selecting porter-cable (https://www.portercable.com/about-us/our-story) electricity applications.

As such instances, you are going to undoubtedly cannot make use of the additional higher level and higher electrical power DeWalt instruments.

Sometimes when I use a porter cable product. I had a question all the time. Who owns porter cable?/ Who makes porter cable?


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