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Learn How to Drill with Air Nailer Properly 4 Basic Tech

Whether you are a craftsman or homeowner, you badly need an air nailer. Wondering, why? An air nailer is required when you need to drill anything quickly.

  • Wall made of stone, concrete, or wood.
  • Plexiglass.
  • Metal and other materials.

In particular, it can make holes in anything everything only when you do it properly. Therefore, learn how to drill with air nailer properly from this article.

Air Nail Gun for Roofing if you know it then ignore.

HOW to select the right nail for concrete?

Things to Know:

Before we jump to the methods of drilling, make sure you know the following factors.

  • While drilling, check the angle toward the surface. Make sure the nailer’s bit is perpendicular to the surface.
  • Otherwise, the nails may come out or go to the direction where you don’t want it.
  • Never place the nailer close to the edge of the trim. It may split if you do so.
  • Use the bit of the correct size for your job. The nailer will make a large hole in it is
  • The trigger controls the speed of the air nailer. Lower the pace for the solid materials.

How to drill with air nailer properly?

drill with air nailerHere we will tell you the methods to drill in different materials. Let’s get started.

  • Drilling Stone/Concrete.

To drill stone or concrete, insert a carbide-tipped masonry bit to your nailer. If the nailer has a depth control bar, set the depth. Or else, mark to your desired depth with a pencil or masking tape. Hold the nailer steadily and place your drill bit on the mark.

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Start the nailer at a slow speed and make a narrow hole. Now continue drilling with more power. Turn on the hammer option, if any.

Hold the nailer perpendicular to the surface. Once you are done, blow out the dust to clear the line.

  • Drilling the Steel.

At first, clamp the steel with the workspace and mark the drilling point. Take a sharp bit and make sure it is half the diameter of the hole size. For example, take ¼ inch bit at first if you want to make a ½ inch hole.

Now hold the air nailer perpendicular to the marked spot. Drill slowly but put a firm pressure downward. Once you make the hole, bring it out and do the same with ½ inch drill bit. Finally, use a metal rasp to smooth the hole.

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  • Drilling the Metal.

Choose the right bit for your job. High-speed steelwork for most metals, use cobalt steel bit for hard metals. Secure the metal piece and mark where you want to drill.

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Grasp the drill over the mark and apply steady pressure gradually. Once you are done, remove the bit immediately. Drilling on the metal and wood is quite similar.

  • Drilling Plexiglass.

Pick an air nailer designed for plexiglass. Clamp the plexiglass over a secure surface and mark the hole. Start your drill at a steady and slow pace. Make sure the feed rate stays 3.5″ per minute. If it takes long, stop the machine for a while to prevent melting. Once you are done, stop the nailer immediately.

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Up to now, you learn how to drill with air nailer properly. Drilling should be easier from now on. It’s time to enjoy the superior result with less effort.


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