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Jigsaw safety Tips for Better Handling In 9 Ways

Safety is not an option; it’s a need. This fact applies to power tools to a great extent. Especially for the jigsaw, Seeing jigsaw is a motorized power tool that includes a sharp blade.

While it ensures clean and accurate cuts, still handling jigsaw is risky. You should know the Jigsaw safety tips for better handling. Only then you can get the maximum results out of it.

Otherwise, mishaps can happen, and you can get injured. Today’s jigsaw comes with lots of safety mechanisms to reduce sudden injuries.

Yet, it would help if you were careful while using a jigsaw. Luckily, you’ll get to know the safety tips of handing a jigsaw in this article.

Jigsaw Safety Tips For Better Handling.

  • Use safety gear.

    First and foremost, whenever you are using a jigsaw. Make sure you take the safety precaution. Make sure to wear safety goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. Also, it is better to maintain a specific dress code, such as fitting clothes only.

  • Choose the right blade.

    Most of the time, accidents happen. When you choose the wrong saw blade for your job, read the manual or research before selecting the saw bladeRemember, wider saw blades are suitable for long and straight cuts. And narrower blades for cutting curves.

  1. Keep the workspace dry.

    Water and jigsaw both are opposite to each other. Especially when you are using an electric jigsaw, it may shock in wet conditions. That’s why it is mandatory to keep the workspace dry.

  2. Fire protection.

    A common risk of using a jigsaw is the short circuit that may cause a fire. Today’s jigsaws are meant for the RCB circuit breaker. These jigsaws automatically shut off the power in case of the power surge. If you use it into a Non-RCB circuit, the overflow of energy may cause a fire. So, keep that in mind.

  1. Laceration protection.

The laceration is the most common injuries related to jigsaw. It happens when the user keeps a hand close to the blade. That’s why you must keep your hand at least 2″ away from the saw blade. Also, make sure to wear gloves while using them.

Kickback protection.

Kickback mostly happens when you use a dull blade or anything is the line. Make sure to sharpen the saw blade before using it. Even if you notice any sudden kickbacks, stop the machine immediately. Also, keep the cutting line clear.

Keep the workspace clean.

To keep your workspace clean, you may want to adjust an extraction bag with the jigsaw. Thus the mess will go inside the bag, and you can use the jigsaw with ease.

Keep the components well-lubricated.

Most of the time, jigsaw provides poor performance due to rust in the inner parts. It also cannot ensure clean and precise cuts. To ensure the best performance, you must keep the internal components well-lubricated.

Never force the blade.

Whenever the blade is not going through any materials, don’t push the saw blade. If the material is stubborn, take a few steps back and try again. Even if it is not working, then stop the jigsaw instantly.

Some short tips for using or buying jigsaw for woodwork.

  1. Make sure you are using the right blade for your project.
  2. Before buying one, make sure it has a lock system.
  3. To buy a jigsaw blade. Select the best quality. Don’t go for the cheap one. High quality lasts longer and will save you money.
  4. Before working with a jigsaw, do practice with it. Don’t do rush. It will make our project better.

All in all, these are few Jigsaw safety tips for better handling. It would help if you kept all these in mind.


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