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How To Rip Narrow Boards With A Circular Saw? (Accurate Guidelines)

Sometimes some new issues have come while working on a project.

Some tools might not be working, or you might be working on a small project where a table saw will not fix. So alternative a circular saw will be perfect. But How do you do it? 

You may be heard this saying, “where there is a will, there is a way.”

When you want to rip a long piece of wood with a narrow width, and you have not the table saw, then you can use a circular saw. Now you are wondering how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw?

Moreover, you might be thinking about how a narrow board can be ripped without a table saw.

But I can assure you; you can rip appropriately by using a circular saw. A circular saw almost works like a table saw.

A circular saw is well defined as a power saw. You can use it to cut different materials using an abrasive blade.

Though the ring saw and hole saw have the same rotary motion, the cutting procedure is entirely different comparing a circular saw.

The circular saw is a primary cutting instrument for every woodworker.

For precise and straight cutting, it is quite impossible to replace. The fast-spinning blade and powerful motor make the ripping task easy and trouble-free.

This powerful cutting device makes straight cuts on the boards or sheets of any length.

Moreover, a circular saw can be the primary substitute for an armature woodworker or homeowner who does not have the table saw.

Required tools to rip the narrow boards.

  1. A circular saw.
  2. A circular saw tracks.
  3. A sharp circular blade.
  4. Measuring tape.
  5. A marker or a pencil.
  6. A working table.
  7. Clamps for attaching.
  8. Stand.

Ripping narrow boards with a circular saw.

People may ask you how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw? The procedure of ripping narrow boards is relatively easy and straightforward.

As you are a beginner and do not have much experience with a circular saw, this complete guideline will be your best assistant:

how to rip 2x4 with circular saw

How to Rip Narrow Boards with a Circular Saw Guidelines You Need.

  1. Select an accurate platform.

The platform you are selecting should hold the board accurately. The platform needs to long and straight enough.

The best option is to select a slab or plank wood. You may need to use multiple slabs based on the height.

Moreover, the slab should be long enough then the board. If you can fulfill this requirement, it would be easier for you to rip off.

The most important thing is the height of the slab. Make sure the slab height is higher than the workpiece. Otherwise, it’s going to difficult for you to maintain the balance accurately.

  1. Use the clamp to tighten the circular saw.

It would be best if you used the clamp to tight accurately with the platform. Use two clamps on the different sides so that the saw and the platform hold tightly. If the clamps are not tight enough, you can use a bit of wood in the middle.

Make sure the sole grip must hold the platform tightly. Moreover, it is not tight enough; in that case, it may lose its position due to vibration.

  1. Make a trail.

You have to locate the front side of the circular saw. Generally, the front side is going in when the saw is pushed.

It helps to make a trail to ensure the measurement of the thickness of the cut. So, start the saw and use it through the one corner of the board.

If you do not get the desired thickness, change the front of the circular saw corresponding.

  1. Adjusting the circular saw and the platform.

When the trail is ended, you have got the precise measurement. Now there have few adjustments before start cutting.

Try to make the saw blade must be parallel with the platform. If it is not parallel, there is a chance to warp the blade during the cutting process. It may damage the motor as well as the blade and break the wood pieces also.

If you feel difficulties while adjusting, the better option is to do another trial run.

Adjusting blade is essential until you get the estimated result. For this, you need to lose clamps and tighten it again.

If the trail cuts come to the same point, that means the blade and the saw are in a parallel position. 

  1. Adjusting the height of the blade.

It is essential to adjust the blade height. Although the board or wood pieces are cut on the top surface, it needs to be adjusting the size of the height.

First, keep the blade of the saw to the platform surface, slide a paper under the blade of the saw.

Make sure that the paper is passing below the blade or not. If the paper is passing under the blade, which indicates the adjustment is appropriate.

  1. Readjusting the parallel.

After all the adjustment, if the soul and body of the saw is slightly angled. Adjust the angle in parallel again. You can shove a wedge between the motor casing and the sole.

  1. Time to start ripping.

If you are done with all the above adjustments, then prepare for ripping your narrow boards. You can get help from the manual; it will help to operate the machine.

First, you need to push the trigger of the saw and keep it locked. Now you easily rip narrow border with the circular saw.

Tool: Rip-Cut

You may know that this is a suitable tool. Moreover, it will help to cut slender boards with the help of a circular saw.

Furthermore, I will suggest selecting a universal rip-cut tool. As a result, you will be able to joint it to the sled comfortably.

Moreover, one fantastic thing is that this can allow the rip-cut hedge joints with the T-square.

As a result, you will find exact slender strips of wood! So, you must look for a rip-cut tool.

Do you know the different ways how to rip 2×4 with a circular saw?

Like every woodworking project, you need some specific tools to make rip 2×4 like a circular saw, workpiece; sharp circular saw blade, etc.

Now if you want to do your job correctly, you should try to follow these seven facts described here:

Firstly, you have to see everything correctly, whether the power saw is all right or not. Then put in the wire to electricity.

Secondly, you have to add a peak leader with the power saw. You will find a peak leader goes towards the peak of the working stage that can give you a costume rip. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Thirdly, recollect that cinching wood is critical to get the stone-solid work stage, which may difficult to replace.

Along these lines, I recommend you clip down the wood appropriately on the head of a table by utilizing the hold-down clasps.

Furthermore, you can also clamp down your work stage to the field on the roof of a polyurethane surface. It will be comfortable and relaxed.

Fourthly, when you have done cinching down the lumber portion, I figure it will be smarter to blemish on the work stage, which can help you get the solid rid.

Fifthly, remember that before cutting the lumber, you need to fix your round observed cutting edge’s profundity.

Besides, I will propose setting the cutting edge’s profundity precisely to have the option to debut scarcely through the forested areas.

Sixthly, try to practice a slight minutes before you make the essential activity. Try to get accustomed to taper cut with circular saw.

Finally, you will begin slicing through the rule to get a solid tear 2×4 with your best round observed.

Five beneficial suggestions to use a power saw on a slender piece of lumber.

Someone may be questioning how do you rip a narrow piece of wood comfortably?

Albeit tearing limited sheets utilizing a round observed is troublesome, trust me, if you have the critical aptitude, you can do it accurately and serenely.

Here I need to convey to you some valuable suggestions to give the procedure comfortable for yourself:

  • Try to position the cutting aide well, tear cut, or speed square instrument to cover the side of the board that you need to hold cautiously.
  • On the off chance that you can do this, the saw will just cut as an afterthought you would prefer not to keep. Isn’t it amazing!
  • I will suggest you cut on an unbending froth board protection since the board is a sturdy surface and reasonable for thin bits of wood.
  • Additionally, if you are dealing with the ground or work stage, the froth board can guarantee your saw sharp edge doesn’t cut the asphalt.
  • Don’t you have a work stage? Well, no problem. Just drive the 8d nail appropriately into a couple of saw ponies and through the board.
  • Thusly, cut the restricted sheets easily. Besides, recall one thing in your psyche: whenever you have finished cutting, expel the strip from the sawhorse.
  • Must give bolster when making limited cuts on a table saw.
  • Even though you realize that table saws are reasonable for tearing restricted sheets, doing it without help can be hazardous! I will recommend you purchase outfeed abutments or make your own to offer help.
  • Do you want to rip thin strips with a circular saw? Find support from your companion when cutting limited sheets and guide him to help the board while tearing.
  • Advise him to move alongside the work stage simply. Trust me; it can empower you to cut limited sheets without agonizing over payoffs.

Security using a power saw.

Utilizing a round observed can be perilous if it isn’t taken care of effectively. That is the reason it’s fundamental to follow the underneath security estimates when utilizing the saw:

  • Going through the manual is a must thing before using the circular saw. It will make more accessible the process for you, especially if you are a beginner and you know nothing about the saw.
  • Before start ripping, you should make sure the blade is in good condition and sharp enough. And the machine must have fully charged.
  • Wear an eye defender and face veil before you begin ripping; it guarantees your eyes and nose’s well-being from the piece and residue.
  • Hold the motor with both hands so that you can operate the machine safely.


Ripping narrow boards with a circular saw – easy or difficult?

Ripping narrow boards using a circular saw is indeed tricky.

Don’t you need to dispose of these troubles? Well, I will suggest you slide your material through the blade and try to hold the saw static to execute the task effortlessly.

Moreover, you have to clamp your saw on a platform. Then try to allow the blade to spin under the sole.

Then you have to pass through the workpiece to rip under the saw sole, and the job will be done.


Tearing restricted sheets by utilizing a round saw observed isn’t a simple errand.

However, now you understand how to rip narrow boards with a circular saw. Attempt to cut your restricted sheets by following the tips we have recorded previously.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, you regularly process if it is your first ideal opportunity to tear tight sheets with a roundabout saw.

You ought to go gradually with the cutting procedure. Something else, recollect as a top priority, can wind up with a consumed wood or the wood can be harmed.

Besides, I will recommend not to begin the methodology with a dull roundabout saw cutting edge.

However, now you have a circular saw rip guide in your collection. After the table saw, you have realized that a circular saw is the best tool to use for making rip cuts. You just have to fulfill some necessary steps carefully to prove it right. Well, you already have those steps to follow.

Remember one thing, if you can make the adjustments properly, then ripping narrow boards with a circular saw will be easy.

But I will suggest before going for the cut; a safety check to prevent kickback is vital to know that the machine is running correctly or not.

Moreover, make sure that, like any other saw, a circular saw will do almost all the cutting jobs that you want to do at your workshop.

By following those steps that we have discussed and using a quality blade, you will be able to make any rip into a zip.


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