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How to Prevent Circular Saw Kickback 6 Best Tips?

Imagine you are running a circular saw along with the timber, and the blade is jammed in between. It is also moving backwards, and such situations are called kickbacks. If you are a regular user of circular saw, possibly up are familiar with kickback.

Though circular saw is the most versatile and powerful tool, it can be dangerous as well. Hence, how to prevent circular saw kickback? No worries. We’ll tell you how to handle such situations.

When you use a circular saw, you may feel a slight resistance, which is manageable. If it stuck and comes toward you, this may harm you or may hurt the circular saw itself.

Here is how to Prevent circular saw kickback?

Pick A Sharp Blade.

Most of the time, kickback happens due to the blunt blade, which is a crucial part to consider. To be on the safe side, you must choose a sharp blade. Or, if it is dull, then sharpen it immediately then start using it. Even with a sharp blade, you should not force the saw through the wood.

  • Use The Saw Properly.

Never rest the blade before you start the circular saw. It may result in serious injuries. Keep the saw blade away from the wood and then pull the trigger. Use the saw blade through the woods when it comes to full speed.

Then slowly move forward across the wood, especially during longer cuts. Thus you can prevent kickbacks. Also, the saw base should be rest on the support side of the woods. It will keep the saw steady and prevent kickbacks.

  • Secure The Wood On Both Sides.

When you are cutting a large piece of wood, it may bend while cutting. You may want to use a workbench at both ends to support the wood. Make sure the weight is distributed evenly on both workbenches.

Even if you observe any vibration, then use a clamp to secure the wood tightly. Do not place the wood across two sawhorses. The wood may buckle due to the weight of the saw.

  • Keep The Blade’s Path Clear.

Some people don’t heed this. The cord or anything may come across your cutting line. It may also create kickbacks. That’s why make sure to keep your cutting line clear.

Check The Bevel And Depth Adjustments.

Bevel And Depth Adjustments

Before you start to cut, make sure the bevel, depth, and base adjustment are tight. Most of the time, kickback occurs due to loose adjustments. If you see the blade gets off the line, never try to force it back.

Use Anti-Kickback Blade.

Anti-Kickback Blade (1)

The best option to avoid kickback is to use an anti-kickback blade. These are much tougher than other circular saw blades. It can easily absorb the impact of the nails, crew, and other braces. These blades help to prevent binding; so you can cut safely.


Hitherto, that’s how to prevent circular saw kickback. If you keep all these things in mind, you can avoid chainsaw kickback. It would help if you also went through the user manual before you start. Even though you see anything unexpected, stop the machine immediately.

See the battel of a table saw or circular saw.

Which one is the best circular saw for you?


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