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9 Easy Steps How to measure a chainsaw chain?

How to measure a chainsaw chain & Blade?

It is necessary to know the way to replace a chain of chainsaw properly. So that you can save tool users time and cash. Even though the steps for replacement are straightforward and might take almost within 5 minutes.

It is vital to get instructions in detail. How to measure a chainsaw chain? Of course, the primary step of replacement starts with getting a similar replacement chain for your chain saw.

Those are the steps to be followed to replace a Chainsaw Chain. Other cutting tool plans might be somewhat not the same as that of the cutting equipment we use here, for instance.

But chainsaw styles are similar enough for the steps defined. In this article to assist most chainsaw owners, no matter what is the model they own.

The only tool required for this is that a flat head screwdriver and a spanner can do exactly fine.


Step 1: Remove the new chainsaw chain.

Step 2: Discharge the Chain Tension as the old one is prepared to be evacuated. Force the nose of the cutting tool’s bar to discharge it from the tensioner.

Step 3: The chain will effortlessly release from the guide bar with such slack in it and thus remove the old one.

Step 4: Find out the tensioning screw within the side of the guide bar and extricate it a bit. So that you can install a new chain more straightforwardly.

Step 5: Cautiously penetrate the new one around the grip drum so that the drive links won’t be separated from the sprocket.

Step 6: After threading the chain, you need to pull the nose of the guide bar for putting some tension.

Step 7: Then, you have to replace the side plate for positioning correctly.

Step 8: Adjust the chain and make it tightening with the correct tension.

Step 9: Now, ‘it’s time to finish the tightening.


Tips for blade measurement/ Pitch

We need to measure chain saw blade, but ‘don’t know how to do this. We need to know the accurate size of the chainsaw blade and need to determine the starting of the bar. Do you think about what “Bar” is? Bar and edge are similar.


Those are extended from the motor carrying the chain. You can take the size “”16″”, “”18″” or 20. The natural process of finding the pitch is, divide the sprocket. If you need information or assurance of collected data, feel free to get the help of the manufacturer.


Time for replacement

It is time to ask about the lasting issues of the chain. How long may a chain work well? In that case, it varies due to some factors:

  • Wood is an essential factor. Harder wood or softer one somehow determines the life expectancy.
  • The chain you are using is also a critical factor.
  • Type of tasks such as- light or hard.


How you will know ‘it’s time to replacement?


Positioning issues: You will face difficulty while positioning, an excellent shaped chain saw ‘won’t need replacement. But if you notice any bouncing sensation. Then for safety concerns, you should change it as soon as possible.

Pulling issues: Basically, a chain saw is efficient to work by itself. No operators are required for those to remove those. But if you find this to have manual compression to work out. That means it predicts that the chain is not working anymore.

Smoke issues: If you find any smoke in your chain. Though the lubrication is exactly exceptional, then ‘it’s time to change your chain. You should be very careful in that case. Not only a safety concern, but it also impacts your tasks. Well, that can be happened for reduced maintenance and having less cautious while using.

Jagged cutting issue: When the rough and crooked cutting issue will occur, it predicts that the lifespan is almost over. It means the cutting teeth become dull, and that’s why we are not getting smooth cutting.

To know the details properly watch this



Here are some frequently asked questions about how to measure a chainsaw chain

For chainsaw owners for getting better information:

How to select a new chainsaw?

Firstly, find out one of your comfort zones. There are more powerful and durable chain saw you can get made by manufacturers. Choose the one that matches your requirements.

Where to purchase a new chain saw?

You can either purchase from any active local dealers or any reputable brand.

How to know about the operating chain saw?

In that era, learning becomes more comfortable with the Internet. And you can get a lot of information from the Internet. While education, find out the cautionary steps that you need to take before using a chain saw.

How to start the chain saw for the first time?

Before starting it, follow the instructions of using it. If you can’t follow the exact process, then the product can be damaged. Firstly, find out what amount should be used for fuel mixture and fill the fuel tank with it. Then switching on, apply choke by pulling. Don’t stretch much, or it can flood the engine.



What type of chain saw should be bought?

There are two types- one is of petrol, and the other is electric. For light tasks, you can choose the electric one. But if you need the powerful one with different sized engines. You can select a petrol chainsaw.

How Do You Measure the Pitch of a Chain?

Earlier during this article, we tend to talk concerning the pitch of a chain saw chain. Whereas most makers build it simple to seek out this range.  Generally, it won’t be that simple.

Luckily, it’s implausibly simple to require this measuring yourself. If you can’t realize the pitch range written on your tool or within the user manual.

Merely live the gap between the center points of any three consecutive rivets on the chain. Once you’ve got this range, simply divide it by a pair of. That’s the pitch range of your chain!

How Do You Measure the Pitch of a Chain

So, a series with a pitch of 3/8″ would have a measuring of 3/4″. Once you divide that measuring by a pair of. You’d have your pitch of 3/8″.


Can You Put a Chainsaw Chain on Backwards?


Installing a replacement sawing machine chain is comparatively simple. However, one in every of the foremost common installation issues is.

That you simply will simply place the chain on your tool backward. Initially looks, you may not notice the distinction. However, you’ll grasp one thing is wrong after you place your tool.

To figure and spot that it isn’t cutting into the wood. The best thanks to making sure that you place your sawing machine chain properly. Is to try to do a fast visual examination.

Once a series is put in properly, the sharp edges of the teeth. On the highest portion of the chainsaw’s guide bar are informing faraway from you.

And, therefore, the sharp edges on the rock bottom of the bar are informed to you.

As long because the edges are pointed during this direction. You’ll be able to rest assured that your chain is correctly put in and prepared. To tackle no matter the task you throw at it.

We hope you enjoyed our article on. “What Do the Numbers On a sawing machine Chain Mean?“, If so, please share and rate it.


‘It’s the best tool indeed, for those who need to cut down trees. Cleaning the garden, even cleaning up the debris also. Evaluating the needs will determine which size should be bought.

And with the right size as well as power. You can accomplish tasks effectively. We have mentioned many issues above regarding How to measure a chainsaw chain.

Those will help you to find out if it’s the time to replace chainsaw or not. So do your research, find out the best one for buying or replace the current one’s chain according to your needs.


An unfit chainsaw chain would occur as a very dangerous hazard. So, if you are not sure about it. Then change it with the help of a professional. Read your chainsaw manual to find out the correct chain before buying. Unplug the line or battery before changing the chain. To ensure that it will not cause an accident. GOD Bless you.

Main Info-graphic that save your time a lot


Download This Infographic To Save You Time


How to measure a chainsaw chain


Thank you.



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