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How to cut a circle in porcelain tile without waste it?

Hello craftsman, I know you search this phrase because it’s a nightmare to work with porcelain tile without breaking it. Some people don’t like and avoid some projects which are related to porcelain tile.

However, you may think, why should you cut a circle instead of a square or rectangle in the tiles? The answer is simple: you need to attach shower, sewerage pipes, holders to bathroom surface that needs different size round shaped cuts.

Once, I couldn’t cut the circles properly; thus, I couldn’t fit the pipe on tile, and all my hard work went in vain. So, get to know the best way and necessary information about cutting circles in tiles.

In my case, I have broken so many tiles while fitting Porcelain Tile around the Toilet Flange.

So I want to share some of my personal opinion and tactics. So, in the future, you can remodel your project with confidence.

Actually, there is a way to cut that time with your angle grinder but across this in it some tools to add. Like 4 ½ inch diamond blade needs to add with an angle grinder. But apart from this guide view some other process so so you can do your project easily without any hesitation.

Obviously, this is not rocket science so you can cut at tile circularly what tools you presently have. But apart from this, I will add some other tools or you might call it a suggestion for a better output.

Find out What Is the Best Way to Cut Porcelain Tile.

You can apply many ways to cut a porcelain tile; you should decide which method suits your purpose. Here’s the list of tile cutting ways:

  • Manual Tile Cutter (Appropriate for small workpieces, and inappropriate for round or circle cuts.)
  • Tile Nippers (You can make curves and small round shapes with it, but if you’re in a hurry, you shouldn’t use it. The tile nippers run very slow; you can use it if you have enough time.)
  • Diamond Hole Saw (Fit the hole saw in a drill’s front part and turn on the machine; it will swiftly cut circles in the porcelain tiles.)
  • Wet Saw (It cuts tiles in different shapes; moreover, it controls the temperature while trimming. Therefore, the blades will generate less heat than others due to fluid presence.

After watching all the options above, you can specify the best way to cut porcelain, and that is the wet saw. You will get the best result in circular tiles cutting if you use something liquid; do you know why?

Best Way to Cut Porcelain Tile

A wet saw cuts straight, curve, and round; you can make both small and large holes with it. Moreover, you can add oil or cold water while cutting tiles because it’s specialized to get in touch with liquids.

On the contrary, you won’t have all the features in the rest three equipment and have more drawbacks. Wet saws are cost-effective, too; they are available for $15-$25.

Do I Know What Kind of Blade Do I Need to Cut Porcelain Tile?

Well, we use different blades while welding, cutting, or drilling, but you can’t use cutters of your choice while cutting porcelain tile. Diamond blades, one of the world’s sharpest ones, is the best for it.

You all know that porcelain is made of fired and glazed clay; it’s too hard to break or cut. Maybe, that’s why its durability is more than other tiles; moreover, it’s strong like ceramic.


Therefore, no ordinary blade can properly cut a porcelain surface, let alone in round shape. It needs sharp edges to cut, and there came the diamond blades to help you.

Remember, you should carefully cut the tiles with these blades because a moment’s inattentiveness can cause dangerous accidents. I would suggest you use sufficient safety guards while working with them.

Learn How to Cut Circle in Tile with Wet Saw | Follow These 8-Steps

Cutting a circle on the porcelain surface is not so challenging; follow the steps I’m showing you. The simple steps of cutting a circular edge with a wet saw are:

  1. First of all, attach the necessary diamond blades on your wet saws to cut the tiles with perfect finishing.
  2. Measure the diameter of the thing you’re going to stick and the hole you need to cut. You may use either a compass with a grease pencil and a steel ruler to point out the spot.
  3. Put masking tape on the circular mark; this will help you maintain your alignment and measurement.
  4. Get your wet saw ready to cut tiles; plug it in a switch and remove the previous particles from it. Moreover, make sure that your blades are getting enough water flow. Open the tap and let your diamond blades get wet before cutting.
  5. Place your tile on a flat area, and remove all the extra materials around it to complete your task without interruption.
  6. If you’re cutting a small circle with, diameter less than 4-inches, you should use a perfect-sized hole saw to make a hole. On the other hand, if you’re cutting a big hole such as 12-inches, you should use a grinder too.
  7. When you’re going deep inside the hole, be a little slower and keep observing the circle cut.
  8. You may use a tile nipper to smooth and better finish to your circle in porcelain tile.

If you know these 8-steps, you will learn how to cut a circle in porcelain tile correctly. Please don’t forget to follow the tips while using a wet saw.

  • Don’t rush while drilling the hole; you may move the saw a little back and forth.

  • Never put too much pressure on your wet saw; otherwise, you won’t have the perfect shape. Moreover, excessive pressurizing may damage your porcelain tiles and machine.

  • Maintain your safety because the diamond blades are sharp, and ceramic-like particles may scatter and injure you. So, put on your glasses, gloves, helmet, etc. before starting to cut.

How to Cut a Hole in Tile with a Dremel?

If you decide to cut a hole in ceramic or porcelain with a Dremel, that will be the right decision. Dremel is a versatile cutter and has the option of tile cutting; you have to attach the tile cutter bit only.

You can cut tiles with it in 3-steps; here are the following steps:

  • Pick a tile cutter bit, place it into the Dremel tool collect, and tighten the collect well.
  • Next, you have to set the tile cutter’s pace; it should be within (25,000-35,000) rpm.
  • Keep digging inside the hole slowly, and make sure you’re following the grease pencil markings while cutting.

Thus you decided to buy a Dreel, You can check How To Cut Acrylic Sheet With Dremel

You should use Dremel if you need small holes in your tiles; for instance, you can drill small holes for bathroom or kitchen holders. However, you should be careful while working if you use it instead of a wet saw.

If you want to cut a big circle and not a small hole, you may still use a Dremel for that. Let me show you the easy 6-steps to make a big circle in a tile using it.

  • Draw a circle with a compass and a permanent marker at the center of the tile; the compass helps you with radius.
  • Next, you should cover the rest of the tile’s parts with a plastic sheet to protect it from damage and scratches.
  • Attach a diamond tile blade Dremel bit to your tool and set it before starting the drill.
  • Clamp your tile and slowly plunge the bit into the tile; don’t hurry and take your time to complete the drilling.
  • Move and push the Dremel carefully through the drawn circle line; keep observing if the tile is cutting correctly or not.
  • Finish drilling when you reach the endpoint, remove the cut parts, and your porcelain tile with a circle inside is ready. Turn off your Dremel and slowly remove the tile cutter bit when you’re done.

Do You Know How to Cut a Hole in Tile for Shower?

You may sometimes prefer to put tiles on your bathroom’s walls besides putting on the floor. You should know how to cut a circle in porcelain tile because it’s the best choice.

Do You Know How to Cut a Hole in Tile for Shower
Do You Know How to Cut a Hole in Tile for Shower

Follow these simple steps to cut an appropriate circular shape in a tile to fit a showerhead. At first, know how you can place one tile around the shower; here are the steps:

  1. Place your tile under the shower line, measure the shower’s radius, and mark your circle.
  2. Use a wet saw to the ring; you may also use a Dremel, tile nipper, hole saw, or grinder to fulfill your purpose. If you don’t have a wet saw and use another cutter, you should use cooling oil.
  3. You should smooth the cut edge after removing the separate inner circle from the main tile piece.

Now, you may think of cutting halves from two tiles and place them around the shower; follow these steps-

  • Hold the tile pieces on the shower top and draw half circles on each tile. Mark the spot you want to cut the tile, but take care of the proportion while making circular angles.
  • Put the tiles on a porcelain tile plate and make some straight cuts before cutting the curve. The consecutive cuts should be distant at least 1-inch from each edge to hold the balance.
  • After you have worked on the straight lines, go for the curve with a tile nipper or Dremel with diamond bits. You may then set the two tile beside each other, and you will see it is adjusting correctly.

Learn How to Cut a Circle in Tile for Toilet?

You may cut the tiles in 2-3 methods, before or after the toilet installation; let me show you the effective ways.

Making Circles After Installing a Toilet.

  1. You should tile the whole bathroom floor except the toilet spot; leave it for later to measure the cut.
  2. Take paper sheets and mark them according to the tiles’ measurements. It would help if you then cut those in the same size the tile edge needs to be.
  3. Later, you should attach each paper with the toilet base and the bathroom floor. You should slit the extra paper and remove those; place the tiles below the sheets.
  4. Start cutting the tiles and follow the sheet’s line up while running your edge cutter. Smooth the tiles with wipes and fit them around your toilet; your work is done.

Cutting Circles Before a Toilet Installation.

  1. Identify the toilet flange area and measure the total area that needs to be tiled. Take a piece of paper or plastic spacer for measurement as a helper.
  2. Overlap the paper or plastic sheet to calculate and mark the toilet pipeline or flange space. Draw a circle or oval with a permanent marker or a pencil carefully; cut the paper’s circle.
  3. Stick the shaped paper sheet on the desired tile; make sure you haven’t made a mistake. After carefully placing it, you should begin to cut the porcelain tile wearing a protective mask, gloves, and glasses.
  4. When you’ve made the ring or oval between the tile, you may set it on the bathroom floor, and your bathroom is ready to install a toilet.

Which is Better for Bathroom Ceramic or Porcelain Tile? And Why?

If you ask for my suggestion, I will say you should choose porcelain over ceramic for the bathroom. Porcelain, also known as Vitreous China, is better than the previous one; that’s why it’s the worldwide leading material.

Porcelain is more glazed and durable than ceramic; moreover, they are less expensive. If you want your bathroom fittings to be beautiful and durable within budget, you should get it.

Which is Better for Bathroom Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

However, if you talk about installation, you should put equal efforts to set both porcelain and ceramic tiles. On the other hand, it’s more comfortable to clean the porcelain floor and bathroom fittings than ceramic.

Moreover, the former toilet flange has a more massive trap that prevents pipelines from getting clogged. On the contrary, the latter is less efficient in preventing clogged toilets.

Anyway, you know that the porcelain is better than ceramic, but the choice is yours; you want the best for your floor, don’t you?


Most bathroom and kitchen fittings have a circular ending, and porcelain is the best tile for them. That’s why if you’re working on tiles cutting, fitting, or welding, you should learn how to cut a circle in porcelain tile.

Get your tiles after measuring the walls and floors; you can also stick different blocks on the walls and floors. You will get plenty of choices in front of you because many brands are providing you high-quality tiles.

Lastly, I will suggest learning the cut and fit, repair, and replacement systems to not hire anyone for edge cutting.


Best Way to Cut Porcelain Tile, Do I Know What Kind of Blade Do I Need to Cut Porcelain Tile?, Do You Know How to Cut a Hole in Tile for Shower, How to Cut a Circle in Tile for Toilet, Which is Better for Bathroom Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

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