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How To Change Blade On Miter Saw 3 Easy Steps

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  • Step 1:

Start by ensuring your miter saw is eliminated from the electric socket. Make certain you have unplugged the right power instrument. By squeezing the trigger that starts the blade several times.

After doing this, you’ll have to press on the miter saw’s spindle lock to maintain the blade protected. Ensure the lock is protected when doing so.

The lock is situated in the front, or the back, of the, saw home and is a tiny button which goes in and out. Whenever you have the blade secured, the button will trickle all of the ways down.

Be sure that the blade is secured into position before progressing.

  • Step 2:

Use an Allen wrench to turn the bolt which connects the blade into the saw. At a clockwise direction until it’s loosened. Then eliminate the blade outer washer.

Allen wrench

You’ll have to leave the interior washer set up.

Before substituting your miter saw blade, ensure you ask your owner’s guide. And follow manufacturer directions to your miter saw since they do change slightly amongst manufacturers.

  • Step 3:

Use a washcloth and wash modest drops of oil. Onto the outer and inner washers which touch the miter gears blade. This provides lubrication to the saw.

Lubricating your saw will maintain it functioning correctly.

Always put in the blade with the teeth. Improper installation of this miter saw blade may lead to severe harm. After installing the miter saw blade, then set the outer washer on.

Tighten it with your palms. Subsequently, refasten the bolt tightening it in a clockwise direction along with your Allen wrench. Ensure the blade is tight enough to prevent injuries.

With your screwdriver, reattach and reduce the blade protector in your miter saw.

Infographic for How to change blade on miter saw

how to change blade on miter saw


How To Change Blade On Miter Saw

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