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Different Types Of Tile Cutters Best In The Market 2020

Whether you are cutting porcelain or marble tile. You need a tile cutter for your job. Tiles cutter is a simple yet effective tool to cut tiles. It offers proper control over the tiles while cutting.

There are different types of tile cutters in the market. Not all of them may right for all tiles. Which one is the right tile cutter? Well, it depends on the size and layout of the place where you are installing them.

Each type of tile cutter differs by blade length and strength. Here we will briefly discuss different types of tile cutters. Let’s get started.

What Is The Best Tile Cutter?

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Tile cutter comes in different types including.

Manual Tile Cutter.

A manual tile cutter is a hand tool type that doesn’t require electricity. It includes a cutting wheel, rails, and a separator. When you move the wheel along a guide. It scratches the surface of the tiles along the cutting line.

Manual-Tile-Cutter (1)

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In the second pass, you need to apply force to get perfectly sized tiles. Cutting with a tile cutter can be challenging as you need a steady hand to make precise cuts. These tile cutters are not preferred for beginners since it requires a little practice.

A manual tile cutter is lightweight enough to carry around on Jobsite. It also doesn’t create much dust. But, you cannot cut all types of tiles, especially the thick tiles.

Wet Tile Cutter.

Wet tile or electric cutters are the most popular types for making precise and awkward cuts. It is quite similar to the table saw as the cutter is placed on top of the table. Wet tile cutter includes a built-in water system.

Different Types of Tile Cutters

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The cutter provides water while cutting to reduce friction. It protects the longevity of the blade by keeping it fresh when the blade becomes hot. This cutter includes a powerful motor to cut anything.

The cutter can cut a variety of shapes, including angle and straight cuts. These are extremely easy to use and can be handled by beginners. But, these cutters are noisy and takes more time than a manual cutter.

Tile Grinders.

Tile Grinders (1)

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Tile grinder is the most versatile, portable, and used by both professionals and DIYers. It is best for cutting complicated angles even in extra thick material. With this cutter, you can grind, polish, sharp, and trim any types of documents. But, it requires a lot of experience in handling.

Radial Cutter.

Radial Cutter. (1)

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The radial cutter is similar to the wet tile cutter. Here a water-cooled diamond disc is mounted on the table to cut the tile against a guide. This cutter is one of the sturdy tile cutters and used by professionals. It can cut solid stone with ease. This versatile tile cutter is made for massive works. But, you need to be an expert to use this cutter.

Tile Nipper.

Tile Nipper

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Tile nipper is another type of handheld tile cutter. It is used to shape the edge of the tile, such as; cleaning and removing unwanted materials. Tile cutters can also make curved cuts and holes in the tiles.

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However, these are the different types of tile cutters in the market. They all are distinct in design, function, and features. Now you can better understand which is perfect for your job.


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