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Cutting Laminate Flooring With Miter Saw In Best Way 2020.

If you are a woodworker or understand what is laminate flooring is.

This is the most common question is.

How cutting laminate flooring with miter saw? The answer is in this article.

So, after knowing how to install laminate flooring. This will be your next query.

But frankly speaking, this doesn’t need a special kind of skill practice.

In this pick, a machine blog I will discuss. What process you should follow step by step. How to cut laminate flooring like a pro.

Here I put some pros & cons, Tips, and Tricks about Laminate Flooring.

Tools To Cut Laminate Flooring.

cutting laminate flooring with miter saw, Tools To Cut Laminate Flooring
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A device can be a part of your helping hand if you know the perfect use of it.

Here I arrange some essential tools which you should need for your workspace.

Marking Pencil or Pen:

It helps you to do a more accurate cut.

Tape Measure:

It’s an essential tool that you will need in every moment. I suggest this one. Because it runs smoothly without jamming. And gives more accurate than others.

Best Laminate Floor Cutter:

This is the primary tool most professional uses to cut the laminate floor. To know how to cut a laminate floor. This is the key.

This has a long handle and sturdy blade to exert a downward force.

Due to having no sawdust and no noise also. I am sure our DIY buddies will ask you to borrow this one if you have this. This is that handy.

Cutters are not cheap. But if you have more works to do at home. It would help if you considered at least the medium level cutter. 150-250$ is enough. For professional users, 500$.

These two will be reasonable and perfect durability on a budget.

[content-egg module=Amazon]

Blades on cutters have to take pressure through hundreds of cuts. And should remain sharp.

But if you don’t need it for a long time. You can rent one from your local shop. The per-day range must be in 15$-25$.

Cutting Laminate Flooring With Jigsaw.

[amazon box=”B00OJ72LHK,B00OZEUL7Y,B004323NPK” grid=”3″]

Can you cut laminate flooring with a jigsaw? The answer is Yes.

For those floors like in odd shape, or cover around poles, pipes. This jigsaw will be your best choice.

If you don’t want to buy a laminate floor cutter, this jigsaw will work correctly for you. Cutting boards to length jigsaw is an ideal tool.

At the end of the day. If you Compare Jigsaw vs. Circular saw. You will appreciate jigsaw for it’s lighter weight.

Usually often doing home projects, woodworking, crafts. A jigsaw is a must tool to use.

It makes sense to buy a quality jigsaw. For a newbie, intermediate, and advanced user, the jigsaw price list, are down below.

Newbie: PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345).

[amazon box=”B00OZEUL7Y” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]

Intermediate: Bosch 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit JS365.

[amazon box=”B004323NPK” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]

Advance: DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw with Keyless Blade Change.

[amazon box=”B07JPFHQKG” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]

Caution about Jigsaw Blades: 

I mentioned earlier a jigsaw blade is made for doing laminate and cut downward stroke.

So, a good pack of jigsaw blades will be the more conventional plan. Bosch Laminate Flooring Blades have cost around 5-8$.

Caution on Saw to consider:

You can use a table saw, miter saw, a circular saw for this project.

But doing this daily can damage the blade, and this can destroy your work.

So, it would help if you bought a carbide-tipped blade.

Coping Saw: 

Doing a delicate cut with coping Saw. It can leave a thin piece of laminate around an obstacle.

It will be wise to install its blade and point toward the handle.

Profile Gauge:

By creating a pattern for oddly shaped cuts a profile gauge or contour gauge. It can help to replicate the shape of your amount, which you need.

Combination Square:

A T-square is fine, but a combo square can make parallel lines so easily while cutting boards to width.

Using A Miter Saw For Laminate Flooring.

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Cutting laminate flooring with a miter saw is so simple. Just made a mark and the miter saw will take the rest of the work.

This is ideal because it can do a 90-degree cut. But 50 degrees can cut by most of the miter saws.

A laminate floor cutting can quickly be done by a sliding model or non-sliding model.


  1. Fast & Convenient.
  2. Can cut multiple boards at a time.
  3. Can do straightest cuts.


  1. Expensive.
  2. Make lots of dust.
  3. Can’t do rip a board lengthwise.

Cutting laminate flooring with a circular saw:

[amazon box=”B01BD81BLO,B007QUZ16A,B01MTJB49I” grid=”3″]

Can I cut laminate flooring with a circular saw? Yes, of course.

But it needs some additional tools and workspace to do work with it.

The Sawhorse & plywood can make an ideal workbench for this task.

It will be a more convenient method from my point of view.


  1. It can cut in any direction.
  2. Efficient.
  3. This can be applied for a minimal amount of tools.


  1. Create lots of dust.
  2. Mark the board every time.
  3. It produces a lot of sounds.

Cutting laminate flooring with a table saw.

[amazon box=”B003HIWQZ4,B07BZVKF8M,B01AX4B7I6″ grid=”3″]

How to cut laminate flooring with a table saw? The answer is a table saw is very handy. To make rip cuts on laminate flooring.

I didn’t find more useful tools like a table saw for this.


  1. It can make straightest cuts.
  2. Fast way to make rip a board lengthwise.


  1. This can’t be used for crosscuts.
  2. Extremely loud and make tons of dust.

Some Frequently Asked Questions For You.

The Dremel Trio:

It’s a cool addition to install laminate flooring. You will want to have plenty of bits on hand.

Because doing laminate flooring usually eat these bits up pretty quickly.

It will help you to prevent those. Try this one.

Flooring Cutters:

I encounter specialization floor knobs. Which are specially designed for cutting edge laminate floors? Plus, also they seem such as a big newspaper blower could.

Indeed, one of the most incredible things concerning those programs is how they create no more debris at all.

You’ll find several unique layouts to those specialization gels. Nevertheless, all of them work the same fashion virtually. And therefore, they are utilized while identically.

You only utilize leverage to decrease the bits. You are placing force back about the blade to reduce the floor. I’ve comprised a few images so that you can have a notion.

Of precisely what they look like and also the way strictly they operate.


  • There’s not Any dust Created from the Cutting Edge Procedure.
  • They’re Most Likely One of the safest and Simplest instruments to utilize for many folks.
  • That Is no ability needed to utilize this instrument just like that. There will be a number of their additional electricity resources that I said.


  • These are only Helpful for Cross-cuts and Are Not Going to Do the Job for ripping.
  • A Few of These might Be Quite Pricey and can Be Helpful for laminate floors.
  • These Can Be Difficult to Discover in the Community hardware Shop. However, they are still reasonably easily accessible online.
Some Tips for Cutting Laminate Flooring With Miter Saw.

How to rip cut Laminate Floor Boards.

Even though it can be inviting to make use of a circular saw or table saw. To cut laminates if you don’t have a costly carbide-tipped blade rod. With all the jigsaw or handsaw.

For those who have issues reducing straight lines having a ribbon. Subsequently, clamp a straight border (soul flat or directly parcel of wood ) on your plank.

In the event, you don’t possess pliers. Then you can twist the right border towards the garbage. Component of this ground plank which could eliminate anyway (be sure allowing room to the depth of this blade if achieving so ).

How to cut more intricate shapes in laminate flooring.

In the event you have to minimize a curved form. Or possibly to scribe into an irregular surface. The decoration might function as the optimal/optimally device to make use of.

In case the decoration is overly high. Or you could risk breaking up the delicate floor using this afterward the dealing. The saw does the same job minus the vibrations and power.

Blend the working saw blade; therefore, that one’s teeth line in the grip’s direction.

What this means is it’s going to cut the pull on’ stroke. And also ensures the framework of this saw will be pulled restricted in an identical moment as the blade is equally lovely.

Blades For Laminate Flooring:

Together with laminates, it may not be the hardness of this elevated density fiber center (HDFC).

Which induces viewed blades to have on down. Although the abrasion and warmth out of recurrent cutting edge off.

Of these aluminum-oxide microchips employed into the wear-layer. Interestingly the exact very same aluminum oxide is traditionally utilized.

To create standard industrial sandpaper. In light of the, a thin-kerf, eighty into 100 enamel. The carbide-tipped blade is the most reliable for cutting edge laminates.

And certainly will endure for approximately 1, 000 sqft before the need to become re-sharpened.

The Change of miter saw blade.


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