​​​​Best Table Saw Under 500 Grab Your’s

Don’t you appreciate precise cuts in woodworking projects? Indeed, we all do. 

So, looking for a power tool which allows you to cut precisely? 

Well, the table saw can be a solution for you. 

Simultaneously, finding the best table saw under $500 can be tough, in case you are on a budget. 

Woodworking is expensive, but you cannot compromise with a low-quality table saw as well. So, what to do?

Why Trust us

No worries! Since you are spending a significant amount, we’ll help you to make the right purchase. 

No other tools can provide a quicker and accurate result like a table saw. 

Moreover, the table saw is powerful, easy to use, and easily portable in most cases.

With the increasing demands, manufacturers are bringing lots of choices with different qualities. 

Those table saws are quite expensive, which makes the decision tougher for buyers!

Our Best Pick

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Think Before Buy

So, your budget is not allowing you to a decent table saw? 

What if we tell you that you can find the quality table saw under 500? True! You are in luck! 

We have put together a list of best table saw under 500 for your convenience. 

Here we are going to discuss all the aspects that you should consider for a table saw under 500. 

After reviewing our recommended table saws, we’ll move on our buyer guide to make your decision easier.

Winning Brands for the Best Table Saw Under 500!

These are our top pick of the table saw that you could get under your budget. 

We have compiled the list considering the power, precision, versatility, and safety. 

Wondering, is it worth to invest in any of our best table saws under 500? 

Absolutely, they all are a good value for money. Let’s find out what is waiting for you.

Hitachi C10RJ 10″ 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw


  • One of the best of this table saw is that the tabletop is expandable here. You can now deal with large materials comfortably.
  • Its direct-drive universal 15 amp motor can produce 45 RPM.
  • It has a bevel range of 0 to 45 degrees for cuts ranging from 3 1/8 inch to 2 1/4 inch.

  • Black & Decker 20 MAX batteries are interchangeable among other B&D 20 V max tools.

  • You can fold it for easy transportation. If you are looking for a lightweight option within budget. 

  • Hitachi C10RJ table saw is what you may consider. The Hitachi C10RJ is quite similar to our top pick, in many ways. You can bring it wherever you need to go.

Hitachi C10RJ 10 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw

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What we liked

  • You can deal with large materials comfortably.

  • Its soft-start function reduces noise and recoil at start-up.

  • It offers accuracy with better cutting experience.
  • It includes a stable and durable fold and roll stand.
  • It is designed at knee level for immediate shutdown.

What we do not like

  • Some users claims about the fence’s accuracy.
  • Due to relatively lightweight, it may not fit most components.

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SKIL 3410-02 table saw

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw (1)

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  • Along with 15 amp motor and a no-load speed of 5000 RPM.
  • It allows you to deal with more abundant materials with ease.
  • This robust table saw features 3 ½ inch cut height capacity to cut.
  • It features an EZ view measurement system and self-aligning rip fence.
  • The table saw includes a durable steel folding stand with quick-mount.

Coming up next one is SKIL 3410-02 table saw. It is ideal for DIY woodworkers looking to tackle bigger projects. 

Also, the table saw is storage-friendly, which means it perfect for users lack in space.

What we liked

  • You can do whatever your project demand for.
  • The table saw comes with a large cast-aluminum tabletop.
  • This robust table saw features 3 ½ inch cut height capacity.
  • It ensures accurate setting and measurements that means you’ll get the cut as you want.

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What we do not like


  • We didn’t find any dust extraction port here.

The DEWALT DW745 table saw


  • Its overload protection system provides powerful performance even in hard and frozen woods.

  • It allows a large 20 inch rip capacity.
  • The table surface is coated to reduce friction for the better cutting experience. Like other DEWALT table saw, the design weighs just 45 lbs.

  • This is one of the best heavy-duty table saws from DEWALT. DEWALT is here again with another excellent table saw. 
  • In case you are looking for a bit tougher option, we highly recommend the DEWALT DW745 table saw. 
  • Indeed, DEWALT has a good reputation when it comes to high-quality tools.

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw (2)

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What we liked

  • This table saw comes with a powerful 1850 W motor.
  • Its excellent fence system delivers 610 mm of rip capacity in a portable design.
  • Besides, the fence adjustments here is fast, smooth, and accurate.

  • Its versatile site-pro modular guarding system makes it easier.

What we do not like

  • On some height adjustments, it may stop working correctly.

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The DEWALT DW745S Table Saw

table saw vs circular saw

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  • With 15 amp and no-load speed 3850 RPM motor.
  • Also, its unique fence system delivers 610 mm of Rip capacity even in a portable design.
  • The table saw comes with a 10 inch 24 teeth carbide blade. Also, its adjustable rear feet are designed to level the saw on uneven surfaces.
  • Like other DEWALT, its 45 lbs weight and optimized footprint make the design most portable. 
  • Similar to the previous one but this one comes with a folding stand for easy portability.
  • The DEWALT DW745S offers better performance and durability in a portable design.

What we liked

  • You can quickly rip through hardwoods with ease. 
  • It features show bevel ranges from 0 to 45o for bevel cuts.
  • These high-quality blades enhance cut quality and extend blade life as well.

  • Its site-pro modular guarding system enables for tool-free adjustments of guarding components.

What we do not like

  • It does take some time to get replacement parts. 
  • But other than that, nothing really worth mentioning.

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Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with Laser


  • Its extra-long foldout fence provides the widest rip capacity.
  • Rockwell’s Laser Guide technology enhances accuracy and consistency in cuts. The table saw includes integrated wheels for easy to roll from workshop to Job site.
  • It comes with additional dust bag for making the cleaning process easier.
  • it is one of the best lightweight table saws available in the market. Check the store NOW!

Looking for table saw combining power, precision, and portability? 

Well, maybe Rockwell RK7241S table saw is the one you are searching. 

It offers the utmost versatility on the job sites.

best table saw under 500

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What we liked

  • The saw can cut through a 4-by-4 piece of lumber in one fell swoop.
  • Its accurate cut line indicator displays precisely where the blade will cut the material. 
  • Its rip fence, miter gauge, riving knife, and blade wrenches are all sorted on board for easy transportation.

  • Besides, the saw has a 30 inch table which allows you to cut even a 4-by-8 sheet of plywood efficiently.

What we do not like

  • The blade may get out of alignment in some cases.

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Tacklife PTSG1A 10″ Table Saw with 40″X20″ Max Extendable

Tacklife PTSG1A 10 Table Saw with 40X20 Max Extendable

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  • Its powerful 15 amp motor provides 4800 RPM speed.
  • You can get a variety of cuts with different cutting depth at different angles. Unlike others, it comes with a carbon brush for extended life.
  • Also, it is equipped with a ruler and rip fence for accurate measuring and appropriate cutting.

  • It is equipped with a ruler and rip fence for accurate measuring and appropriate cutting.

Whether it is about durability or safe performance, that Tecklife PTSG1A table saw won’t disappoint you. 

Along with sturdy construction, it offers accuracy and extendable workspace.

What we liked

  • The table is made of cast aluminum.
  • With a maximum rip capacity of 24 inch.
  • For easy access to the miter gauge, rip fence, and other accessories.
  • The tabletop is extendable. 
  • Which allows easy cuttings of larger materials. 
  • It has 1 ½ inch and 35 mm hoses.

What we do not like

  • The entire unit seems heavier than others.
  • It is hard to keep the slitter aligned.

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Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw


  • It features 3000/minutes of no-load speed, which ensures powerful performance.

  • You can now perform all possible cuts using a single portable tool by just changing the blades.

  • The best part is that you can change the blades with 3 seconds.

  • With hold-down guard and splitter, it can cut more extensive materials.

The Rockwell Blade Runner is probably one of the most compacts, and portable table saw available in the market. 

Although it comes in a small size, you can make big and multiple cuts.

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What we liked

  • Lightweight yet Powerful.

  • Versatile Operation.

  • Better Control.

  • Its larger rip fence offers better control and accurate cuts.

  • The best affordable table saw for budget-conscious woodworkers.

What we do not like

  • Although it is one of the lowest-priced tables saw in our list, yet it is not durable like others.
  • It is not suitable for professional carpenters.

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TruePower 01-0819 Mini Electric Table Saw

best table saw under 500

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  • Its metal surface is grooved to reduce friction, and also the rubber feet keep the whole unit table.
  • The saw features dual-handle which ensures steady control. The automatic guard return makes your job easier.
  • These three 3/8 inch blades toe-kick saw will cut flush up to a wall or baseboard.
  • You don’t have to move the cabinet to remove flooring underneath. You can take it comfortably wherever you want.
  • Best affordable, and compact table saw. When you are working on minor projects at home, you may not need those heavy tables saw. 

  • Then TruePower from Gino Development is a real deal for you. It is designed for hobbyists or crafty people who don’t want to invest much for their art projects.

What we liked

  • Drill is very lightweight weighing just a touch over eight pounds with the battery pack in place.
  • The multi-mode drive lets you choose between drill, drive, or hammer making it more versatile.
  • It has a very fast charging ion battery.
  • It is an excellent hammer drill for the price.

What we do not like

  • It doesn’t provide bevel cuts.
  • You cannot deal with larger materials. Still, it’s a good value for the money.

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SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw


  • The table saw is constructed to withstand the demands of a Job-site.
  • It features a durable all-steel roll cage and die-cast aluminum top.
  • The blade raising and lowering mechanism are made from metal to withstand extreme use.
  • The saw has a no-load RPM of 5300, which is good enough for cutting materials.

  • The saw makes accurate cuts with the self-aligning rip fence.
  • It’s easy to adjust bevel that goes from -1o to 46o for precise cutting.

  • You can easily connect the table saw to a vacuum through back port for sawdust cleanup.

First-ever brass-geared Worm drive table saw in the market brought to you by SKILSAW. 

The SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 table saw is designed for ripping with maximum power and torque.

best table saw under 500

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What we liked

  • It features a best-in-class 15-amp dual-field motor.
  • The motor cool even after continuous cuts.
  • Its worm-drive gearing is paired with 25 inch rip capacity.
  • which cuts a full sheet of plywood and 4 times materials.
  • Its guard system includes an anti-kickback device.
  • One of the best worm drive table saws within range.

What we do not like

  • Due to complex functions, the SILKSAW SPT70WT-01 table saw is not suitable for beginners.

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The DEWALT DW745S Table Saw

best table saw under 500

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  • With 15 amp and no-load speed 3850 RPM motor, It offers high performance in all applications.

  • It has 20 inch of rip which allows cutting a variety. It features shoe bevel ranges from 0 to 45o for bevel cuts.
  • Its unique fence system delivers 610 mm of Rip capacity even in a portable design. The table saw comes with a 10-inch 24 teeth carbide blade.

  • Its site-pro modular guarding system enables for tool-free adjustments of guarding components. Its 45 lbs weight and optimized footprint.
  • Similar to the previous one but this one comes with a folding stand for easy portability. 

The DEWALT DW745S offers better performance and durability in a portable design.

What we liked

  • It is so lightweight that you can easily fold for easy transportation and storage.
  • The folding stand helps to adjust the height for easy cutting.

  • this is one of the best portable table saws that come with a fold-able stand.
  • These high-quality blades enhance cut quality and extend blade life as well.

  • You can quickly rip through hardwoods with ease. 

What we do not like

  • Some user claim that the blade may not align with the fence.

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Proper maintenance ensures the durability of a table saw. Hence, it is important to keep the saw in good condition. 

All kind of woodcutting job results in dust, sap, and residue buildup, which makes the machine messy. 

That’s why it requires frequent maintenance to keep it running well. 

You could follow these maintenance and cleaning tips;

  • Don’t forget to lubricate the gears and pivot points properly before and after use.

  • After each session, make sure to clean sawdust all over the table saw. You can use a brush and a shop vacuum to remove the dust.

  • For easier glide and accurate fence adjustments, try to polish the tabletop and rip fence.

  • In the case of residue buildup in plastic materials, use a mild detergent or warm water. Do not use any rigid cleaning materials, as it may harm different parts.

My personal recommendations.

Our first & final table saw recommendation is from DEWALT, one of the leading power tools manufacturer. 

You can rely on DEWALT DWE7480, as they are serving for years with their high-quality products. 

When you take it out from the box, you’ll know why it grabs our top place.


best table saw under 500

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Buying Guide & Tips

Consideration While Buying the Best Table Saw!

Since each table saw comes with specific features and benefits so that you can get confused easily. 

Hence, how to know the right table saw within range? Well, the following buying guide may help you. 

You should check these things before making any decision. Read on to know more.

Motor Power.

One of the top thing to check in a table saw is its motor horsepower. 

The motor power determines the capacity of the table saw. 

You can quickly know whether they fit your requirements. 

However, table saw with higher HP allows it to deal with harder woods.

Size of Blade and Table Top.

Table saw comes in different sizes, which determines by the size of the blades and tabletop. 

Usually, table saws are acknowledged with the blade size, as 10-inch or 12-inch table saw. 

Most tables saw comes with blades of these two sizes. 

From where 10-inch table saws are perfect for small woodworking projects. 

Conversely, 12-inch table saws are best for larger projects.

Likewise, the size of the tabletop is determined by its width and length. 

The larger the length and width of the table saw, the better it can support any materials. 

So, choose according to your project’s need.

Safety Features.

It is more than essential to have proper safety precaution in a table saw. 

Properly analyze all the features in your selected table saw to prevent accidents. 

Few safety features include flesh detection, anti-kickback, riving knife, splutters, and push sticks.   

Ease of Use.

Since you may need to work on your project for day-long, your table saw should have obvious functions and setup process. 

If you find them complicated, then it will only kill your valuable time.


Easy portability matters for a table saw, as your job may require movements. 

You may need to transfer it from one job site to another job site. 

All three types of table saw (Bench Top, Compact, and Job site) are comparatively lightweight. 

Also, table saw with on-board storage enhances the portability.


Of course, price is the main factor when you are looking for the best table saw under 500. 

Determine which one suits your requirements and budget as well. 

Though you’ll find the right one within your budget, still you should compare different models within the price range.

Additional Safety Tips for Users.

Whichever you choose for your projects, it is mandatory to consider your safety while working. 

Although, you’ll find built-in safety features, yet it is better to stay alert. 

Here are some safety tips for your convenience;

  • Before you start the machine, make sure to check all the safety features. Check whether they are working as expected to prevent any accidents.
  • One crucial factor of the table saw is its visibility. 
  • Make sure you have better visibility while working, clean all the remains and off cuts.
  • When you are using foreign objects, check the stock before feeding it to the blade. 
  • Otherwise, the saw may kickback when the blade gets in touch with an object.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing while working, as you cloth may get stuck in the blade. 
  • It is better to wear protective clothing to improve your safety.
  • If you need to make any adjustments, make sure to stop the blade and disconnect the power source as well. 
  • For more safety, place an emergency stop button within range in case of sudden accidents.
  • Last but not least, maintain a balanced body posture while working. 
  • Avoid standing in front during making cuts as it may cause serious injuries.

However, these are few of our expert’s suggestions; you can find more in the owner’s manual. 

So, be safe and get the best result from your selected table saw.

Does it Make Precise Cuts?


Final Thoughts

Finding the best table saw under 500 can be tricky, which we understand. 

That’s why we have gathered the list for your convenience. Here we also talk about some best table saw under 400. 

Also, we have focused on other factors so as you can get the best while working with your selected table saw. 

All our chosen table saws can make precise cuts efficiently and quickly. 

It is hard to level any specific one as the best table saw. So, you can select any of them.

Moreover, make sure to follow the buyer’s guide so you can understand which one fits your needs. 

Though you are in budget still never compromise with quality and durability. That’s all for today.

Among all, which one you are interested in trying? 

Don’t forget to share your experience with us below in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions
Most frequent questions and answers

How much does a table saw weight?

Well, it depends on the size. Usually, most table saw weighs anything in between 45 to 55 pounds. The lighter it is, the easier it is to move the machine.

What should be the height of blades?

According to experts, the blade should be 1/8 inch above the cutting surface. That’s why most manufacturers recommend the blade rising placed on the bottom of the gullet.

Does a table saw make precise cuts?

Indeed. People use it only for getting precise and accurate cuts. Thanks to its powerful blades. It should be easy to make exact cuts. If it is unable to do so, then this is not something you should have in your home.

What is deepest cut possible using a table saw?

Most commercial and industrial table saw comes with a blade diameter of 10 and 12 inches. Whereas 10 inch blade can cut slightly over 3″ deep, and 12-inch blade can cut 4” deep.

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