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11 Best Impact Drivers Cordless/Corded/Air Impact/Brush-less With Bit Set

When shopping for a hand tool like. Impact drivers, cordless impact drivers, corded impact drivers, air impact drivers also brushless impact drivers.

It’s a tough deal to choose the perfect one.

Suppose you have a choice in your mind. Then choose one from the list below. Of course, you know what you are buying. Right!

Otherwise, read the whole article to understand what is best impact drivers bit set for you.

I have classified impact drivers in three kinds 12V, 18V, 20V impact drivers.

Most Popular And The Best Impact drivers:

DEWALT 20V MAX XR 3-Speed Impact Driver Kit.

[amazon box=”B01A08YKV6″ template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  • Weight 2.8 lbs.
  • 3 LED lights at the front for improved visibility.
  • 1.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery.
  • Hex drive type.
  • No-load speeds 0-3,200 IPM.
  • Drive size ½ in.
  • Voltage 20V.
  • Maximum torque is 1,400 in/lbs.
  • Front to back length is 5.5 in.
  • No-load speeds 0-2,800 RPM.


  1. Has LED which lights up the working area.
  2. A lot of torque to do a tough job.


  1. A little bit heavy due to 4.0Ah batteries. (But last long time).

[amazon box=”B01A08YKV6,” grid=”3″]

More About: 

A machinery tool is always welcome if it has more power. This tool is so perfect for making power jobs easy.

Due to the heaving three LED lights, it can make the work area light up. Which is useful for anyone.

It includes 2 extra batteries. So, you do not need to harry to buy another one.

This battery lasts long.

FAQ about DeWalt DCF885C1 20V Impact Driver.

Q: Does it have a variable setting?

A: It has a variable setting. But it depends on the pressure you press on the trigger. If you press lightly, it delivers slower and vice versa.

Q: Can I use a 20V battery with a different amp?

A: Yes, all kinds of an amp with 20v input batteries work well.

Q: Can the charger take 220v or 110v input?

A: It only can take 110v input.

Porter-Cable PCCK647LB 20v Impact Driver.

[amazon box=”B01KBWEBQU” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  • Best brushless impact driver.
  • More run time than others.
  • 2900 RPM.
  • The short design makes it handy.


  1. Best lightweight impact driver.
  2. Brushless motor.
  3. Practical LED light.
  4. Enough torque and RPM.
  5. Hex change in quick.
  6. Best for the money.


  1. Batteries lasting time is low.
  2. No speed control setting.

More About:

This is the best for the job site. Because you have to deal with lots of screws, bolts, nuts. If you do much ladder job. I suggest this one. Because it’s so handy. The lightweight and grabbing point is easy.

Due to having a strong body it won’t break even drop from 20 feet up.

The battery run time is low. But it will charge fast.

[amazon box=”B01KBWEBQU” grid=”3″]

FAQ about Porter-Cable PCCK647LB 20v Impact Driver.

Q: What Can I get with this driver?

A: You will get two batteries and a charger.

Q: Can I replace batter with other brands?

A: No, this impact driver will work with this specific brand.

Q: How long LED light will flash while working?

A: Almost 20 sec.

Q: Will the charger automatically turn off after having a full charge?

A: It does. And the battery will remain safe. Don’t worry.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel (Brushless 2653-22) Impact Driver.

[amazon box=”B077H7JP1D” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. 1800 inch/pounds torque.
  2. Combo kit included.
  3. Two batteries, hard hand case, charger, others.
  4. The lithium-ion battery that lasts long.
  5. 5 pounds of weight.


  1. 5-year limited warranty.
  2. The ergonomic design makes it so handy.
  3. 3000 RPM and 3700 IPM max.
  4. Best for the job site.


  1. Only support Milwaukee brand battery.
  2. A little heavy.

More About:

Due to having multiple speed settings. It can make variable torque to do smaller or tougher jobs.

You don’t need to buy another cordless drill to reduce risk or fatigue to your wrist.

There is a fuel indicator LED. Which allows a user to know how much energy is still left.

[amazon box=”B077ZD6BQS,B07FKQBXF2″ grid=”3″]

FAQ about Milwaukee M18 Fuel (Brushless 2653-22) Impact Driver.

Q: What accessories will I get with this?

A: In this set a bare tool, no charger.

Q: Will it work on a vehicle like big bolts?

A: This impact driver is only designed for construction reasons. If You need the best impact driver for automotive use. I suggest Porter-Cable PCCK647LB 20v.

Q: What is the peak torque of this model?

A: 1600 inch/pounds.

Q: What is the battery type?

A: Of course, Lithium-ion battery.

Bosch 25618-02 18V Lithium-ion Impact Driver.

[amazon box=”B0020ML6H2″ template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Best for tiny space work.
  2. It has an LED light facility.
  3. All metal gears.
  4. Quite compact.
  5. Battery charger included.
  6. Adjustable speed setting.
  7. Brushless motor keeps it a silent monster.
  8. Perfect for the overhead job.


  1. This is not heavy.
  2. Easy to reach a tiny place.
  3. It saves the battery life and lifespan of drivers.
  4. 2800 RPM and 1500 Inch/lbs. torque.


  1. The battery doesn’t last long as for this kind of model.

[amazon box=”B00I5VHYJ6,B0020ML6H2,B07N3CQLRP,” grid=”3″]

More About:

Bosch brand is famous worldwide for producing security equipment.

There is no doubt this is the best cordless drill under $400.  I can say this is the best impact driver for the money.

This is the first choice of every professional. An innovative design makes it the best lightweight drill for a woman.

FAQ about Bosch 25618-02 18V Lithium-ion Impact Driver.

Q: Is it heavy?

A: Not at all. You can use it for several hours without getting tired.

Q: How long the battery last?

A: Almost several hours.

Ryobi Cordless 18V P237 Impact Driver.

[amazon box=”B017RNI7PW” template=”horizontal” description=”none”]


  1. Three-speed torque.
  2. Design and Grip.
  3. Handy features.
  4. Battery life.


  1. It has great battery life.
  2. A full package of features and benefits.
  3. The best is the price and quality.
  4. The LED light is powerful and useable.


  1. A little bit nosier.

[amazon box=”B00AESM7KO,B017RNI7PW” grid=”3″]

More About:

With tree speed monitor this impact driver has 1800-inch lbs.

Having a powerful driver is so handy.

Due to the rear lock system, it’s easy to control. The battery life is pretty good. It can handle the regular work which is done by the job site.

FAQ About Ryobi Cordless 18V P237 Impact Driver.

Q: Is there any compact version rather than a Ryobi Impact driver?

A: This is the best in this category.

Q: How good is this impact driver?

A: This tool is good because of the multi torque system.

Porter-Cable VS DeWalt A Perfect Comparison 2019


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