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Best chainsaw under 500 || 2nd Choice Will Surprise You

A machine-driven chainsaw is very popular, especially for making the wood cutting job more comfortable and faster with less energy.

It is portable and very much useful in performing limbing, bucking, pruning, and harvesting firewood at home. If you spend around $500, then you will get a quality chainsaw with necessary features. Firstly, you have to know briefly about the best chainsaw under 500.

A lot of chainsaws are mostly available in the market. To ensure you can cut better with your chainsaw, you need a rugged and durable chainsaw. Based on this fact, there is a lot of significance of price over quality. Spending on a $500 chainsaw will not be a bad idea.

When you are preparing to buy a chainsaw, you will always go for the best one. However, searching for a suitable chainsaw for your needs can be difficult. If you spend around $500, then you will get the best chainsaw with unique features.

Safety is the significant and first priority of using a chainsaw. However, no feature of it guarantees safety to the operator. Experience is one of the best protections of using it.

Chainsaws such as battery-powered chainsaws and gas-powered chainsaws are available in the market. Their prices also vary according to their different features.

Your choice for a chainsaw must be under several factors. Here you will find the reviews of the top 4 best professional chainsaws under 400. Moreover, it will help you much more to select the best one within your purchase range.

Expert Choice For Best chainsaw under 500.

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  • Husqvarna 455 Rancher.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw is suitable for heavy outdoor woodwork. It is the ideal choice for the landowner, part-time worker, and professionals. It is a very responsive workmate to control and to finish the job fluently.

Husqvarna 20 inches and 18 inches 455 Rancher chainsaws are available in the market.

This chainsaw runs with raw power named X-Torq. This raw power maintains the world’s most stringent environmental regulation with innovative characteristics of less vibration technique. Additionally, it gives the operator extra comfort rather than any other gas-powered chainsaws.

It has a comfortable front handle design. It consists of an inertia activated chain brake.

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It is easy to start because it uses some of the modern – smart start technology. Moreover, it is effortless to use and handle very comfortably.

It has some attractive specifications such as 55cc engine, weighs only 8 pounds, two-cycle engine, and tough gear for harsh cutting services.

It uses an injection centrifugal air cleaning system. Furthermore, it has an anti-vibration system that is capable of minimizing vibration. It makes the work easy and comfortable.

The rancher was designed to handle the intense and severe woods. Consequently, the powerful engine combined with the bar size just seemed to work correctly. Moreover, to ensure your hands remain safe when operating your chainsaw, a bar cover is added.


  1. Easy to clean the fuel filter as well as very amazing to wield it.
  2. Definitely highly usable and very much perfect for landowners.


  1. Harm grapple and limited scaling, as well as needs extra, exhorts during operation.


  • Greenworks 16-inch 40V cordless chainsaw.

It is one of the best cordless chainsaws. It uses modern brushless technology. Additionally, it aims at increasing efficiency and reducing noise while maintaining the required torque for tough jobs.

Moreover, this is the only battery-powered chainsaw that is capable of replacing old gas-powered saws. Additionally, if you are a newbie in woodwork, this chainsaw is perfect because of its heavy-duty Oregon bar and chain features.

You could get 150 trees down with a full charge. It has a 40V battery and is highly-powered for maximum cutting performance.

Moreover, it comes in handy for preventing kickback while operating the chainsaw. It also protects the chain and bar from damage.

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It has a lightweight design that ensures easier cutting for extended periods. Besides, you’ve assured lesser vibrations with the brushless motor feature whenever you are in the middle of a cut.

It is a perfect chainsaw for eco-friendly operation. The battery also gives high-performance. You won’t need to make it replaced for a long time.

Its automatic oiler assures the correct level of lubrication for your chainsaw’s bar and chain.

It is a high-performance chainsaw that can get all homework done quickly.

It contains many specifications such as a 16-inch guide bar, 0.375 inches powerful pitch, and only 10.4 lbs.


  1. Motorized chain mentioning process and unlimited manufacture quality.
  2. Active but also allow high voltage battery-powered for environmental-friendly cutting and using.


  1. Definitely resilient for bar oil fissures as well as dissipating of oil.


  • Dewalt DCCS670X1 Flexvolt 60V Cordless Chainsaw.

It will provide you with the right cuts at any height or distance. Moreover, it comes with a decent 16″ Oregon bar. This bar is used for slicing through stuff with greater ease. Additionally, you can cut hard objects with more ease.
Auto oiling is the in-thing for maximizing cutting potential. Also, the engine has an auto-oiler to provide the exact amount of lubricant. Moreover, you’ll have more clean cuts. So, friction won’t be a factor with your chainsaw.
This chainsaw provides an anti-kickback system. So, you have got no reason to sustain injuries while performing with it. However, you will get a three-year warranty, which is the most comfortable thing about this cordless chainsaw. It ensures you to get value for money.
This cordless chainsaw allows portability to your cutting operation. Moreover, you will get the ability to cut through dense materials. It has an auto oiling feature. The bar will receive the perfect amount of lubricants.

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It has a chain tensioning knob. It ensures you to cut for more extended periods. It also increases the neatness of your cuts.

It will offer you a comfortable bar tightening feature. Moreover, it will keep your bar at the right angles for better operation.

Additionally, this battery keeps your chainsaw running for dozens of cuts. It also provides you with better quality.


  1. Eco-friendly chainsaw and very lightweight.
  2. Reliable oiling system and ultrahigh powered gas engine.
  3. Very simple as well as easier operation.


  1. Alternatively, the battery life as like a span varies in some units.


  • Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw.

It has a 50.2cc gas engine, which provides a high amount of power. Moreover, it can be used for mill purposes.

Additionally, it has an 18-inch long bar, which provides ample length for more significant cutting potential.

It is a chainsaw for the homeowner who values professional Grade power and performance. Moreover, it has a two-cycle engine with an inertia activated chain brake for safety while operating.

X-Torque is built in its engine. It provides more potential for fuel conservation. With fuel conserved, you will get the correct engine that limits carbon emissions.

However, it has a centrifugal air cleaning system to protect the engine. It also has an anti-vibration system for cleaner cuts through the tough stuff.

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These chainsaws have a very easy start chock, and stop control is combined. This lightweight chainsaw is handy and ideal for a beginner user.

It has a rare handle which is designed ergonomically to increase the comfort of the user. Additionally, the filling tank is marked with better filling precision.

It has some modern features such as auto-return stop switch, fuel pump, and chock. However, the chock will reduce the flooding of the engine. Also, the automatic chain oiler delivers a steady supply.


  1. Risk-free engine and very Easy operation process.
  2. On/ off switch and a quick stop, as well as design, is very much kids friendly.
  3. Simple, mounted chain tensioning system allows for quick chain adjustments while working.


  1. Not ideal for heavy woodwork.


Chainsaws under 500 Buying Guide and Suggestions:

You may need a good suggestion to select the best chainsaw under 500 when you purchase. Here we have provided some guidelines that will help you to choose the best one. It would help if you considered the following parameters before selecting your desired chainsaw. They are:


  1. Bar length:

It is the main issue of a chainsaw. The performance of a chainsaw depends upon it. For woodwork, low length chainsaw is used. It gives you comfort to move smoothly. You can use it for artwork and for cutting a small branch of a tree.

The long length is used in cutting big trees and in massive woodwork. It also fastens the work. Moreover, it is compelling. Again, you should have training and experience to use it.

For semi-heavy woodwork, you will need a chainsaw with the length range from 16 to 20 inches. They are used in bulk work, such as cutting mid-range trees and big branches.

However, if you think of buying a chainsaw for your traditional outdoor woodwork, you should go for these ranges. You can cut 32 diameters trees. But firstly, you have to gather experience because its operation is dangerous.

At the top of the bar length, category 20 to 24 inches that are highest length chainsaw is preferred by the professional woodworkers.

Moreover, you should have a professional skill, physical strength, and severe attention to use these category chainsaws.

Additionally, it will give you dramatic comfort to perform swiftly.

There are two types of chainsaws available in the market- fuel-powered chainsaws and battery-powered chainsaws. You should know about them briefly.

  1. Fuel-Powered Chainsaws:

Gasoline and petrol are the fuel of these engines. The lightweight of the engine helps the worker to operate smoothly and successfully.

The engine runs with a little amount of fuel. So, the weight of the chainsaw is less and performs more work. Gas-powered engines generate up to 1500 rpm rotation. Moreover, these chainsaws are long-lasting as well as portable and durable as well. You can take it from one place to another very comfortably.

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Additionally, you can carry the small fuel tank to refuel in the work station. The engines start with a pull start chock. It is the best thing about this type of chainsaws, and you have to keep it in your mind before buying a chainsaw.

  1. Corded electric chainsaws:

These chainsaws are plugged with electricity to operate it with a long power cable. These are made to reduce the weight of the chainsaws. Additionally, their performances have been increased.

On the contrary, the only bad feature is its long power cable. Moreover, you cannot use it outside a long-range from your home. But if you want a chainsaw for domestic and surrounding works, then it is the best one to purchase.

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The wood art workers choose this category for making the statue and art on the wood board. For indoor woodwork, you can choose it undoubtedly.

A corded chainsaw is durable, and maintenance cost is low. But electric defeat may cause damage which is not its fault.

  1. Battery-powered chainsaw:

It is the latest edition in the field of the chainsaw. It consists of a heavy power electric chargeable battery. It is portable, and you can carry it far from your home. Moreover, it can perform heavy-duty works.

If you have to carry it to other places, then Battery-powered chainsaws will be the best option for you. However, you will get some amazing features as a bonus.

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Rechargeable batteries will give you comfort. Furthermore, you will get an almost noiseless feature. Quick on/ off switches give extra safety to use. It has some additional features such as lighting surrounding during night enhances its aesthetic look and increases its popularity.

How to Operate a Chainsaw?

To operate a chainsaw perfectly, you should read the handbook of this chainsaw because versatile brand names and string fluctuate for clean functioning.

The easiest way means of working out a chain saw is right in a couple of measures.

  • Set the chain-saw flat earth.
  • Tug the celebrity controller chock.
  • Contain front grip using the lefthand.
  • Place one your foot onto the back grip and maintain it with all the most suitable hand.
  • Transfer the chain-saw.
  • Set to the noticed from cutting edge mark of this wood or tree very slowly and gradually to shield kick-back.
  • Place your finger plum on-off/off change throughout the surgery.
  • Have on appropriate apparel and basic safety substances precisely just before starting up the surgery.
  • Pull the plug on the system and then keep back on the horizontal flooring right after the comprehensive prevent of string turning.

Safety Precaution:

The owner shouldn’t ever forget that having a chain saw is an artwork.

An easy mistake may take your own life can injure you quite poorly.

1. Use a proper shield before utilizing it.

2. The malfunctioning chainsaw should not be used.

3. Consistently maintain a business beside you throughout the functioning of the chain saw.

4. Throughout the surgery process not ever reduce your attention.

5. Please do not allow your corporation beside you because kickback can injure him severely.

6. Throughout trimming on a tree be quite watchful from the tree.

7. Never permit the gas tank vacant through the surgery.


You have to choose your chainsaw according to your working purpose. Professional workers spend at least $500 to buy a chainsaw. In this article, we talked on the best chainsaw under 500, and you can choose anyone from these four chainsaws that we have discussed above.

As a beginner, you can use Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw. But if you are looking for a professional one, then you can choose any of the other three chainsaws which we have featured above.

Cutting capacity is one of the biggest factors when you will select one. But if you choose a chainsaw which consists of an 18-inch chain bar, then it will fulfill most of your desires and give you a pleasant feeling as well.

Moreover, you should think of your safety first. Additionally, the chainsaw has to fulfill your purposes and should be easier to operate.


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