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Best Chainsaw Chain for Hardwood 2020

Best Chainsaw Chain for Hardwood.

Ever noticed that woodworker uses separate chain in a chainsaw for cutting hardwood? Why they do this? Because a sturdy chain boosts the effectiveness of a chainsaw. It let them tackle heavy-duty projects that involve rough woods.

So, Your question is. How to find the best chainsaw chain for hardwood? Here is the answer. How to find out?

Congratulation! You are in the right place. The market is full of several chisels, semi-chisel, and skip chisel chains. Also, you’ll find several brands out there who claim their best. How do you know which one is right for you? Don’t worry.

We’ll help you to narrow down your choices. Here we have compiled a list of most popular chainsaw chains for cutting firewood, hardwood, and stained wood. Before making a list, our experts reviewed them based on their design, performance, price, and so on. Hence, you can rely on our top picks.

Exclusive Features.
With the wrong chain in your chainsaw, your job will be nothing but harder. It may also cause chain binding or a dangerous kickback. That’s why you must need the right chain for your chainsaw. Remember, not all expensive chainsaw chain is the best, and not all cheap chains are bad.

Also, if you are shopping online, then a lot of poor-quality chainsaws can make you confused. Fair enough! Luckily, we took a look at the chainsaw chains. You’ll be surely able to find the chainsaw chain that fits your needs.

Top Brands for the Chainsaw Chain for Hardwood.

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Husqvarna 531300439 18-Inch Pixel Saw Chain.

• It let you cut the most robust wood with ease.
• The chain will never be stretched or compressed.
• This 18-inch chain is compatible.
• It ensures safety while minimizing user fatigue.
• The chain is durable and efficient that can cut hardwood easily.

best chainsaw chain, Husqvarna 531300439
Image Credit: Amazon

What we liked.
• Great compatibility.
• Efficient and high-performance.
• Ensures smooth cuts.
• Low kickback and minimum vibration.
• Last for longer.
• Easy to sharpen.

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What we do not like.
• Too lightweight.

Above all, Husqvarna 531300439 18-inch saw chain is an excellent addition for your Husqvarna chainsaw. The chain will surely boost the performance of your chainsaw. It helps to tackle thick limbs and trees with a generous depth of cutting. Indeed, it is one of the chainsaw chains for hardwood.

Oregon S56 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain.


• The chain has a unique design for the smooth and fastest cuts.
• With minimum kickback, it is designed for safety.
• It includes a 050” guide and 3/8” pitch for cutting the toughest woods.
• The chain features 56 drive links to deliver excellent performance.
• It includes a 16-inch chrome-hardened, heat-treated, and semi-chisel cutter.
• This semi-chisel chain is compatible with 16” Oregon, Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan, and Remington brands.
• It’s a durable chain with long-lasting sharpness.
• The chainsaw chain is engineered for saw sizes up to 42cc.
• Its LubriTec oiling system keeps the chain and guide bar lubricated.

best chainsaw chain for hardwood 2
Image Credit: Amazon

What we like.

• The chain can handle the most robust applications.
• It ensures smooth yet powerful cuts.
• Safe to use.
• Easy to sharpen and maintain the chain.
• Excellent compatibility.
• Durability.

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What we do not like.

• The chain doesn’t work well with green woods.
• It may not fit some chainsaw, so better you check before buying.

Whether you are a pro or a homeowner, you need a chainsaw to tackle the toughest jobs. Look no further, Oregon S56 chainsaw chain is the right choice for you. You can use it to cut storm-damaged trees or for occasional yard work. Thus, it is considered as one of the best chainsaw chains for cutting firewood.

Husqvarna 20 Inch Chainsaw Chain.


• This chain comes with a 3/8″ pitch and 0.050″ gauge, which can cut the toughest woods with ease.
• With the large 20-inch cutter chain, it can cut more extensive diameter woods.
• This high-performance chain ensures low vibration and a minimum amount of kickback.
• It is compatible with plenty of Husqvarna models and a few of the Poulan chainsaw.
• This chain is lightweight enough to ensure the user’s fatigue.
• It also fits on a 24” chainsaw’s guide. We must say it’s a versatile option for the woodworker.
• The chainsaw comes with 84 drive links.
• The design is easy to install and maintain.

Husqvarna 20 Inch (1)

What we liked.

• Heavy-duty chainsaw with robust construction.
• Can handle tough jobs with ease.
• It comes with a high safety level.
• Minimum vibration and no kickback.
• Ease of sharp.
• Great compatibility.
• Ease of maintenance.
• Easy to install.
• Last for longer.

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What we do not like.

• It may get loose after several uses; net to adjust frequently.

Husqvarna H80 is another durable and high-performance chain. That can boost your chainsaw’s performance. This 20-inch chainsaw chain is perfect for use with the bigger chainsaw. The Husqvarna H80 is one of the most rated chainsaw chains for cutting firewood, hardwood, and stained wood.

Oregon S52 AdvanceCut 14-Inch Chainsaw Chain.


• This 14-inch chainsaw chain includes a heat-treated and hard-chromed chamfer-chisel cutter. Chrome offers a harder surface and better wear resistance.
• It features 3/8” pitch and 0.050” gauge for cutting the toughest woods.
• The chain comes with 52” drive links.
• With the LubriTec oiling system, it offers better lubrication.
• It has a small gap between the chain and guide bar to lessen the vibration.
• The chain offers the durability of a semi-chisel cutter.
• Its chamfer chisel cutter with twin cutting corners offers excellent performance.
• It has a high-rated chip flow to ensure smooth operation.
• The chain is compatible with 14” Oregon, Homelite, Craftsman, Poulan, Echo, and Remington.

Oregon S52 AdvanceCut

What we liked.

• Fits most of 14” chainsaw.
• Smooth and faster cuts.
• Designed for safety and quality.
• High-performance cutter.
• Exceptionally durable.
• Low vibration and kickback.
• It Offers a great fit.

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What we do not like.

• It requires frequent re-sharpening.
• It Doesn’t work well with dirty woods.

If you own an Oregon S52 chain, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to get precise cuts. This Oregon S52 chainsaw chain is used for improving the performance of your powerful chainsaw. This chainsaw chain is perfect for a wide variety of trimming and cutting applications.

Oregon R34 AdvanceCut Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain.


• This 8” chainsaw chain is designed for lightweight and versatile power tools.
• It includes a narrow kerf 0.43″ gauge that enhances the chainsaw’s efficiency.
• With advanced technology, it ensures smooth performance and less downtime.
• It ensures low vibration and minimum kickback.
• The cutter teeth can retain their cutting edge very well and requires minimum sharpening.
• The chain is compatible with 8” Oregon, Poulan, and Remington.
• The cutter’s edges are chrome-plated, which lasts for longer.
• Like other Oregon chains, it includes the Lubritec oiling system. It keeps all the parts well-lubricated.
• The chain features a high-quality and load-bearing surface that resists wearing.

Oregon R34 AdvanceCut

What we liked.

• It offers higher chain efficiency.
• Ensure well-lubrication.
• Low kickback and vibration.
• Stays sharper for longer.
• Better wear resistance.
• Solid performance.
• Durability.

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What we do not like.
• Burning issue after getting hot.

Since Oregon tends to be great, we cannot stop ourselves from adding more Oregon chains on our list. The Oregon R34 chainsaw chain is the best for those woodworkers who need versatility in their jobs. Both homeowner and professionals suggest this fastest cutting chainsaw chain.

What are The Types of Chainsaw Chain? NiCad & Lithium Batteries?

Chainsaw chains come in different styles and types based on the cutter teeth. Since you are going to buy a chainsaw chain, so you must know them. Here you go;

• Full Chisel Cutter: These cutters have square-cornered teeth, which makes it more efficient. It can cut hardwood trees, limbs, and firewood at a higher speed. Although these chains are more efficient, they are not durable enough. They cannot handle the rough-cutting condition as well. You may need to sharpen it frequently.

• Semi-Chisel Cutter: Semi-chisel cutter has a typical round radius corner and around a grid corner. This cutter works slower than a full chisel, but they stay sharper for an extended period. They can deal with softwood superbly. These cutters are best for their reliability and durability. It has a minimum risk of kickback, so safety is an issue here.

• Low-Profile Cutter: These are the most-used cutters that you’ll find in commercial chainsaw. It has similar teeth like a semi-chisel chain, but they are safer. It has an element in between the teeth to prevent kickback. The speed of this chain is moderate. Also, they are best for beginner chainsaw. It requires frequent sharpening, so durability is an issue here.

• Square-Chisel Cutter: Square chisel cutter has square radius corner and square grind profiles. These are more professional than the full-chisel cutter. They are one of the faster chainsaw cutters. It becomes dull in rough conditions and requires frequent sharpening.

• Full-Skip Chain: It has the minimum number of teeth with a larger bar. The teeth arrangement is ideal for efficient cutting. Due to these arrangements, this chain can cut a more significant portion of wood at a time. Thus, it suits larger chainsaws. But the cuts are not smooth enough. So, you can use it for cutting firewood and limbs.

• Semi-Skip Chain: The chain has a mid-grade arrangement, where there is a link between two teeth. These are used for specific jobs. It ensures a stable balance between power and efficiency.

• Standard Chain: Finally, this cutter has the most teeth number. It is used for cutting smoothly. These cutters are used in a chainsaw that has a guide bar of 24″. But, they cannot cut as quickly as others. These are best for jobs needing a clean finish.

Some Chainsaw Tips & Tricks Infographics.

Chainsaw-tips-and-tricks (1)

Things to Look for in a Chainsaw Chain Buyers Guide.

Consider the quality first.

This quality chainsaw chain is designed with 0.050″ gauge and 0.325″ pitch. It let you cut the most robust wood with ease. You can now easily cut a storm-damaged tree with the chain. It offers smooth cuts even with the rough wood. The chain will never be stretched or compressed.


The best part is that this 18-inch chain is compatible with most Husqvarna chainsaw. It can used with a 41, 45, 49, 51, 55, 336, 339XP, 340, 345, 346XP, 350, 351, 353, 435, 440, 445, and 450e.

Safe To Use.

The chain is designed in a way that produces minimum kickback and low vibration. It ensures safety while minimizing user fatigue.


This excellent chain is exceptionally lightweight so that you won’t feel the extra weight on hand. Also, the chain is durable and efficient that can cut hardwood easily. It can hold the sharpness well than others.

Overall, it’s a reliable option and good value for the money. Above all, Husqvarna 531300439 18-inch saw chain is an excellent addition for your Husqvarna chainsaw. The chain will surely boost the performance of your chainsaw. It helps to tackle thick limbs and trees with a generous depth of cutting. Indeed, it is one of the best chainsaw chains for hardwood.

As you are in the search for the suggest chainsaw chain for hard lumber, you should look a few things. These will help you to narrow down your choices. Let’s know them.

Bar Length.
Along with the different size of the chainsaw, the chain also comes in various sizes. The bar length should match the size of the chainsaw. Like, if you buy a 20″ chainsaw, then you need a 20″ chain as well. If it is too tight or too loose, then it won’t perform correctly. Some people do modifications if they buy the wrong size, which may damage the chain. So, make sure you get the right bar length.

Check whether the pitch collides with the drive sprocket of the chainsaw. The drive sprocket helps to push the chain, so make sure they fit into each other. If it doesn’t fit properly, the chainsaw won’t work. The chain can fit into the drive shaft with the right pitch.

The size of holes on the drive link is determined as the gauge. This is where the teeth of the drive sprocket enter. The Gauge defines the thickness of the chain’s drive links. It helps to lock down the chain in place. So, the chain’s gauge should match the gauge of the chainsaw’s guide bar. Mostly found gauge varies from 0.050″ to 0.063″.

The thickness of Drive Links.
It is the bottom part of your chainsaw that fits into the guide bar of the chainsaw. The width of the drive link can be either 1.1, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, or 2mm. The 1.1mm drive links are mostly used in the domestic chainsaw. This chainsaw is used for curving but not for hard tasks.

Likewise, 1.5 and 1.6 mm drive links are used on the professional and semi-professional chainsaw. Chain with 2mm drive link thickness only fitted on the powerful and professional chainsaw.

The Number of Drive Links.
The drive link fits into the drive sprocket in the chainsaw’s guide. So, the number of drive links should match the number of sprocket teeth. The chain with fewer teeth won’t fit into the chainsaw; it may require modifications.

Cutter Design.
Cutter design represents the type of teeth on the chain. Although we mentioned above, most use among them is chiseled, semi-chiseled, and full-chisel. These cutter or teeth has to be robust and durable.

Chisel cutter is perfect for dirty woods like pruning branches and limbs. Also, semi-chisel is ideal for soft and hardwood sometimes. The full-chisel cutter is suitable for cutting even the hardest wood. So, make sure you get the right cutter for the right job.

Safety Features.

Safety should be the first concern in the case of the chainsaw. Check whether the chain can minimize the vibration to zero. With minimum vibration, the chain works faster and more precisely.

Also, make sure the chain features an anti-kickback mechanism. It will protect you from getting stuck on the wood. The system also defuses the reaction forces in such instances.

Most of us think that the pricier, the better. It may not be the right in every case. In the case of chainsaw chain, it differs from the manufacturing process. It is better to inspect different chains and find out which one is a good value for the money.

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

The chain becomes dull after several uses. So you need to sharpen the chain regularly. Here is how you can sharpen the chainsaw. You need a pair of gloves and a filing kit to do this job.

• At first, you need to fix the chainsaw in place. Use a clamp or a vice to attach the chainsaw’s brake.
• Now place the chainsaw’s guide bar in between the rivets on the chain.
• Each cutter has a specific angle of the top plate. Follow the angle. The guide’s roller keeps you in place and prevents you from going into the side plate of the cutter.
• Now use a steady and even stroke wit file. Do this for some time until the surface of the cutter is shiny silver.
• Repeat the strokes for other teeth to sharpen that part of the cutter. Then release the brake to rotate the cutter to sharpen other cutters. Make sure to turn the cutter more often or flip the chainsaw around. It ensures that you can sharpen the other side of the cutter.
• You can use a file or depth gauge to adjust the height of the depth gauge. Make sure that the height is perfect. Otherwise, the cutter cannot reach the wood while cutting.
• It is better to re-sharpen the chain each time you refill the machine with fuel.

Chainsaw Chine Sharpen Guideline.

When to Change Chainsaw Chain?

The chainsaw works at high speed, which generates a lot of friction. So, it may heat the chain or wears it out. If you don’t understand when to replace a chainsaw chain, it can cause severe injuries. Here is how you can do this. We review which is the best chainsaw chain sharpener

• Sometimes the chain requires frequent sharpening or ended up getting smaller. Which means the teeth are wearing out. So, you need a new chain.
• When you see several teeth are falling off during use, the chain needs a replacement.
• After using for long, your chainsaw may be bouncing off once or twice. Or you may need to push the chain inside the wood sometimes. It is the best time to change your chainsaw chain.
• Some rectangular cutter wears out and becomes smaller after using it for long. When you see this case, you should change it immediately.

FAQ. About chainsaw chains.

Q: How to know which chain is compatible with your chainsaw?

A: At first, you need to look for a model that supports a separate chain. Then you should match the size, but not all the same-sized chains and chainsaw will fit properly. Sometimes, the height of the guide bar impacts the length of the chain.

Q: What is the suitable angle to sharpen the chain?

A: The suitable angle is parallel to the specific mark for the filling. This angle makes sure quick and effective sharpening.

Q: How long does a chainsaw chain last?

A: A quality chain lasts for years with proper maintenance and use. It also depends on the type of wood you are cutting. Like if you are cutting a large tree with a chainsaw then it may reduce the lifetime. Also, sometimes, it relies on the frequency of re-sharpening.

Q: It is worth buying a sharpener?

A: Indeed, only if you are using a manual hand file chainsaw sharpener. It will save a lot of money which you are planning to invest in a new chain.

Q: How to Make a Chainsaw Cut Faster?

A: To get the faster cut with a chainsaw, you need the right chain cutter. A chainsaw with a square-chisel cutter can make the quick cuts. It offers the best cutting performance when it is sharp.


A chainsaw is indeed a handy tool for woodcutting. But it becomes worthless without a quality chainsaw chain. The fastest cutting chainsaw chain has to be reliable, durable, excellent fit, and easy to maintain. Luckily all our reviewed chainsaw chains are the same kind.

We believe anyone from the list should serve you for a long with efficient performance. Anyway, we hope our review and buying guide can help you to narrow down your choices. Now you decide, which one is the best chainsaw chain for hardwood?

Whichever it is, I hope you’ll get the best experience with the chain.


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