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Band Saw vs Circular Saw | Which One Is Best For You In 2020?

Are you hesitant about investing in between band saw vs circular saw? That is obvious. Most woodworkers found them in a similar situation as power tools are addicting.

In reality, there should be any comparison between the Band saw vs circular saw. They both are different, and if you ask, Band saw, or circular saw – what you prefer? We will say it depends on your requirements.

You can get most of your job done with one power saw. Then again, you may need both depending on your situation.

Each power saw has its features and functionality to deal with situations. Before you invest in one or both, know about both power saw briefly.

Let’s see the battle of Band Saw vs Circular Saw.

What is a Band Saw?

The Band saw it is a dedicated woodworking and metalworking tool. It has a long and sharp-toothed blade placed between rotating wheels, which allows it to turn. The Band saw it has distributed tooth-load to cut any material evenly. It is available either as a bench-top or stand-alone band saw.

Here is our best pick.

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What Is Good?

  • Versatility: The blade is sharp and relatively thin. It can cut different materials, including plastics, wood, metal, and meat. It can even cut big billets of titanium.
  • Diversity of Cuts: Band saw are excellent for making curved cuts and tenons. You can also make scrolling cuts. Thus, it is best to work on decorative furniture like cabriole legs.
  • Smaller Kerf: Since it includes a thinner blade, so it has a smaller kerf. It means fewer woods are wasted and the least sawdust produced.
  • Noise-free and safer Operation: Band saws ensures noise-free operation compared to others. Also, the band saw is relatively safe to use as it cuts materials tightly.
  • Portable band saw: Some models of the band saw is so mobile. And easy to use those.


portable band saw (1)

What Is Not?

  • Low Cutting Power: When it comes to power, the band saw cannot provides enough power. That’s why it doesn’t offer higher productivity.
  • Uneven edges: Band saw produce cuts with rough edges.

What Is Circular Saw?

The circular saw is a handheld power tool consists of a blade or abrasive disc. It can materials using a rotary motion rotating around an arbour. The circular saw blades determine the material that intended to cut.

It is famous for cutting materials, including wood, plastic, masonry, metal, and paper. The circular saws are driven by gasoline engines or electricity.

Best for the price. Grab before stock out.

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What Is Good?

  • High-Quality Finishes: The circular saw includes a carbide-tipped blade. That can cut any materials faster with high-quality finishes. It also has a narrow kerf that ensures a smooth surface finish.
  • Multiuse: This saw is available with plenty of blades. You can use them for a distinct purpose. Though it requires more power, it can cut wider slots with ease.
  • Steady Operation: The blades of the circular saw is thicker and rigid than the band saw. Thus, it offers vibration-free and stable operation.
  • Easy to Handle: This handheld saw is exceptionally lightweight. That’s it is too easy to handle, and even beginners can handle it.

What Is Not?

  • Requires More Power: Both corded and cordless circular saw requires more power compared to the band saw.
  • Less Safety: Since it is preferred to operate with hand only, safety can be an issue.

Which One Should You Buy?

Best Circular saw in lowest price
Best Circular saw in the lowest price

It is challenging to decide. If you are a beginner, buy a circular saw to get your job done faster. To get a better finish, you must choose a circular saw.

portable band saw (1)
Best Band Saw In The Lowest Price

Or if your job doesn’t require much productivity. You can go with the band saw. Also, the power consumption of the band saw is lesser than the circular saw.

Let’s leave the decision up to you. A band saw vs circular saw – what you prefer? So, commend here what did you choose?

If you like this battle. Then see also table saw and circular saw.

Before working with a circular saw. Know how do you prevent kickback from a circular saw.


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